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European Family Law
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

University of Udine applies for a Jean Monnet Module in order to start a course of European Family Law, thus furthering its internationalisation strategy by means of an new English taught course, featuring a field of study formerly not considered in its European dimension and introducing legal clinic as a new teaching methodology, with the involvment of young researchers both in the teaching and non-teaching activities of the module.Furthermore, the proposed activity shall provide a much needed venue for law students to explore the impact and extent of E.U. law over family law, an discipline formerly taught merely from an internal point of view, and yet so crucial because of the ever growing circulation of persons within the EU. The module will raise the students’ awareness on the growing importance of an E.U. oriented approach to their chosen field of study, as well as their direct involvement, through the envisaged legal clinic activity. In connection with the teaching activities, students will be invited to act as legal counsels to persons who may benefit from their newly acquired competencies, i.e. E.U. and non-E.U. migrants, through the involvement of two NGOs already active in the field and under the supervision of the teaching assistant. This activity shall foster the development of a heretofore unexplored teaching methodology and it will hopefully nurture in the participants an attitude of active commitment toward European integration.Finally, the requested module will promote the gradual integration of young researchers in the teaching activity and involve them in the tutoring of undergraduate students, particularly as regards the legal clinic. The legal clinic activity will be monitored by and supervised by a young researcher, who will also prepare an annual report, in order to present it to the NGOs involved as well as to the general public, via the organisation of a concluding seminar.
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