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European Dictionary on Skills and Competencies

The DISCO project aimed at the development of a tool that supports the composition of European CVs, Mobility Passes, Diploma Supplements and other transparency instruments and competence profiles. A multilingual professional dictionary for vocational skills and competencies was developed and offered in seven European languages (English, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Swedish) in the internet at Furthermore, a trilingual print version (English, German and French) was published and can be ordert at DISCO online tool and the DISCO book are addressed to individuals like pupils, students and job seekers as well as to experts who seek easy access to translation and a glossary of skills & competencies. The online tool is designed to be incorporated into the existing web applications of European transparency tools – or any other web portal, that needs terminological support. We hope, that DISCO will be a stepping stone on the pathway to a common European standard on vocational requirements.
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