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European Curriculum for Economic Animator in the Enlarging Europe

Having identified the need for a new professional profile, namely, Economic Animator (responsible for instigating economic development at different levels in Europe), the project will develop a series of outline curricula and teaching programmes specific to this new profession. Three teaching programmes are envisaged for undergraduate and postgraduate students, in each of the partner countries, in the areas of animating technological development, animating regional/local development and animating entrepreneurship. Project partners will undertake a 'demand analysis' for economic animators in their own countries for which research will include questionnaires, interviews and literature reviews. The results of the research will shape both form and content of the teaching programmes. Each of the three teaching programmes will be developed in tandem throughout the duration of the project with a focus upon developing comprehensive programmes able to accommodate the demands of a wide-ranging economic sector and the needs of different student user groups. Project partners will have specific responsibility for developing different aspects of the teaching programmes according to their particular area of expertise, be this education or labour market related. The draft teaching programmes will be tested on selected groups of students in the participating countries and will be modified accordingly in developing the final programmes. The eventual course content will be disseminated in printed form, on CD-Rom and via the project website. A support manual for teachers/trainers will also be produced, in printed and CD-Rom format, to aid delivery of the developed teaching programmes. A comprehensive dissemination programme will be developed by an appointed steering committee and will focus on dissemination for awareness, dissemination for understanding and dissemination for action.
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