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“European Culture Interrailing”

Since 1st January 2007 the European Union has consisted of 27 countries. As it expands, it’s important for all countries involved to become aware of each other’s identity and diversity while learning what makes each individual country unique. Local and national culture is the root of this uniqueness and central to national identity. Sharing knowledge of each nations’ culture fosters understanding and tolerance between partner countries.Our initial aim is to create awareness of the historical and cultural fabric of the nine partner countries through examination of traditions, feasts and games in these countries. This comparison and analysis of cultural similarities and differences will be of great interest to the students of all participating countries.The students will explore aspects of their own culture including music, arts and crafts, history, fairytales, traditional games and recipes. They will pursue their research at both local and national level.Our “European Cultural Interrailing” project represents the continuous linking of past, present and future. The final products will include a joint cultural calendar entitled “European Cultural Interrailing”, blogs, plays, a CD based on the 9th symphony of Beethoven (in 8 languages), stamps, postcards, a film and books incorporating food and fairytales from each country.
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