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European Cookbook for Entrepreneurial Skills

The project sets out to build learners’ confidence and “self-marketing skills” within the broader context of entrepreneurial education to improve opportunities for progression into sustainable employment. The project involves six partners from Sweden, Germany, the UK, Lithuania, Austria and Italy, who aim to:1. Explore ways to motivate learners to discover and develop their entrepreneurial competencies for the labour market; 2. Develop tutors’ skills to deliver innovative training in entrepreneurial competencies, through exchanging ideas about teaching techniques practised in their institutions. We will produce a “cookbook” of good practice, comprising contributions from learners, tutors and managers who study or work in different vocational and educational contexts. Successful approaches to developing learners’ entrepreneurial skills, piloted in one institution, will serve as a model for more effective programmes of study across the partnership. Activities will include presentations and exhibitions at local level to promote innovative techniques in enterprise training delivery and to disseminate information about the European labour market and cultural differences in the business environment. Finally the project will pay particular attention to the dissemination of the “European Cookbook” to participating organisations and more widely through the utilisation of existing professional networks at regional and national level and the exploitation of web-based technology

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