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European CLIL Resource Centre for Web2.0 Education: Early-to-Longlife Languages Learning
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

This project falls within the European philosophy of long life learning programme. It focuses on language learning, learning strategies, multilingualism and multiculturalism. The project focus lies within CLIL & ICT as recommended pedagogical procedure and resources. CLIL is dual-focused instruction during which language is taught at the same time as content from a different school subject It has already been established as a valuable approach to both teaching foreign languages and specific subjects; as a way to create meaningful context for learning; and a means of developing whole personalities and European citizenship. In fact, this method of teaching languages has already received a great deal of interest by the EU. However, recent publications and research outcomes reveal that even though CLIL is gaining popularity across Europe, few teachers are equipped with relevant methodological strategies, available materials and resources are, in many cases, poorly regarded. There is an urgent need for specific materials, resources and guidelines for implementation which guarantee excellence in language learning. To reduce the detected difficulties and shortcomings, we will create a Virtual European CLIL Resource Centre (E-CLIL RC). The mission of E-CLIL RC Web 2.0 for Education is to increase children’s exposure to European languages and to improve the quality of teaching through the implementation of CLIL within the European demand for acquiring a mother tongue plus two foreign languages. The CLIL Centre has a three-folded objective. Firstly, it will provide support to current and future CLIL educative programmes all over Europe. The E-CLIL R Centre will disseminate high quality and already proven materials and resources for content and language learning. The materials design and the guideline for teachers will be founded on sound language and content learning principles. Secondly, to enrich teachers’ and children’s knowledge of other European cultures.
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