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European Citizens, Global Citizens
Start date: May 9, 2015, End date: Jan 8, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European Citizens, Global Citizens aimed to promote the values of sustainable development, peace and security, solidarity and mutual respect among young people, values highlighted in the Treaty of Lisbon. Furthermore, this project seeks to develop participants attitudes, skills and knowledge on cooperation and participation, as well as their competences on international development. The idea of a project that could rise awareness on, 2015 - the European Year of Development, appeared after the results showed by Eurobarometer: 54% of young people were feeling that they are not knowing nothing at all about where EU development aid goes, respectively 42% were considering that were knowing a little, showing that European young people do not have a formed perception and are not aware of EU development policies. The youth exchange will gather 50 young (at least 10 with fewer opportunities) people from 5 countries in Bucharest at the beginning of August 2015 and will create a framework for answering to the questions related to development, especially sustainable development and European citizenship. These countries are: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey. European Citizens, Global Citizens had the following objectives: "1. Bringing together 50 young people from four countries that will cooperate and foster their understanding and knowledge on the issue of global sustainable development and European role in the global framework during the main activity. 2. Developing a youth sustainable development toolkit (a blog with five articles on the daily topics, facebook and twitter channels, two video messages on how European youth can get involved as global citizens) that will be available on the project's website and disseminated among 1000 European citizens in the first month after the exchange. 3. Promoting youth informal and non-formal engagement by broadcasting two public online conferences with at least one participant from each country on the European values and youth involvement in the field of global sustainable development. 4. Promoting common intergenerational and international solutions provided by young people to the challenges of development, fostering cooperation between different cultures for the participants.", The activity took place in Bucharest from 1 August 2015 to 9 August 2015 (31 July to 10 August, including the travel dates). Our organization provided the conference rooms and workshop places for daily activities, at Lumina University. Informal an non-formal working methods during the youth exchange, that we want to highlight, are: info sessions, presentations, reflection groups, learning agenda, workshop and group working, documentary, documentation, exhibition, intercultural exchanges, simulation games and exercises (EU Council, talk show, visiting the Albatross culture, etc.), debate (cafe debate), observation, interview, fact-finding game, living library, practical approach on social media and video production. The expected results of ECGC were better training of the participants on the topic, intercultural learning, a public event and two online conferences with benefits for local community, participating organizations and participants. Also, among the results were a development toolkit with our blog posts, a website with information, a guide, video messages that could be further used for awareness-raising projects both for public or private organizations and individuals. These materials are available at: 1. live streamed conference record -; 2. video summarizing the community action while the participants disseminated the ideas of sustainable and sustainable development -; 3. 5 blog posts on what is sustainable development, sustainable development as a people-centered process, sustainable development goals, promoting sustainable development and using social media to create awareness on sustainable development, available at; 4. project website, available at; 5. an introductory guide available at, with information on the project and the topic.
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