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European Child - Healthy Body, Clever Mind
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Childhood is the most flexible, vulnerable period in human life. This is the time when present and future behaviour is shaped including the ones considering healthy lifestyle. It is determined by: physical activeness, prevention and correction of body posture, safety and both hygienic and nutritional habits. The results of numerous observations of our pupils, diagnosis of their psycho-motoric development, talks with their parents as well as analysis of reports about children’s health in partners’ countries seems to confirm these detrimental states. Therefore, we have decided to unite our efforts, share experience from previous projects which we participated in, exchange know-how and create an international group consisting of teachers from Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Latvia, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. All of us are professionals in areas that are within our interests. Each of us specialises in a realm that the others would like to develop their skills in, exchange „good practices”. Our main aims: Starting a close cooperation among schools/pre-schools to exchange experience/share good practice and to work out new educational methodologies and techniques that would serve shaping the key competences, being a guarantee of children's successful and free participation in a democratic society in the future. Number and profile of participants: 7 countries from EU, preschools and primary schools, all of them experienced in ICT, ecological education, healthy lifestyle, democratic education and/or teaching foreign languages. Teachers - BA/MA graduates, sometimes with additional qualifications (therapy, special pedagogics, language skills, ICT literacy), mostly experience in EU projects, some as participants and some as coordinators; some of the partners are eco schools; living in small villages and big cities; Children - aged 3-6 (pre-school), also with special educational needs because of various conditions (social, health, economic, racial and cultural aspects); Parents - a very diversified group - economically, socially, racially and with various cultural background; some experienced in being participants of EU projects; Activities: Our project activities will offer a specific training methodology for teachers and parents to acquire, promote and deliver to children basic nutrition education and healthy lifestyle competencies. We are planning to organise a lot of activities for children and their families to make them more familiar with healthy lifestyle (workshops, picnics, family contests). There are also activities connected with democratic education and ICT as these are the key competences of the future. To make the content more understandable for children all schools/groups are going to choose a toy that will accompany children and visit partners abroad. Teachers will improve their professional profile thanks to study visits while they will exchange good practices in all areas of our interest. Everyone interested in our ideas will have an access to a cookery blog and multimedia digital platform where we are going to share all results from lesson plans to the best recipes from all partner countries. Results: Apart of hard results mentioned above, there are numerous soft ones. We are going to improve teaching skills in terms of organisation of classes and creation of educational resources promoting healthy lifestyle (new forms, methods and techniques). Our staff will develop their ICT abilities used in educational process as well as their language skills. Students will operate the IWBs easily. Children will also become aware of diversity of countries, nations and languages in Europe. Everyone will learn the importance of their choices both in terms of school life and their health. We hope that our activities will help parents change their lifestyle to support healthy and balanced development of their children. The last but not the least, each of us will be more determined to continue the international cooperation for the sake of the whole community. Impact: At all levels starting with local up to the international, we will promote Erasmus+ initiatives foremost showing how positive they are for communities. Dissemination of project results and products, encouraging other schools towards starting and developing projects by sharing our experience, will be held via online websites like the blog or multimedia digital platform but also by arranging "open classes" for other teachers from other schools and picnics for families. We are sure that the project activities will contribute to permanent changes in our private and professional lives.
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