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European Camp
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project of European camps was first realized in 2012 when a group of Czech enthusiastic volunteers who work with young people came to Ukraine and got together with a local group of like-minded Ukrainian volunteers. They did a summer camp for Ukrainian children together. This project underwent changes since that time. Participants of exchanges will focus more on their non-formal education and camp will be the place where they will use their newly acquired knowledge, abilities and skills in practice. Camp will be organized by people who will not be part of youth exchange. This project will be attended by young people who already have worked or want to start to work as volunteers with youngsters in their non-formal groups which are connected to local communities. These young people have a desire to be active in society in this manner and they are willing to sacrifice their time for it. The aim of this project is to provide the volunteers the opportunity for further education and new experiences with youth from different backgrounds. We would like to provide experiences from different context than volunteers are used to and thus broaden their cultural horizons and improve their skills and readiness to work with different groups of children and youngsters. We also want for the volunteers to draw new experiences and ideas that they can apply at their meetings and leisure activities in the local communities. The objective of this project is to make people aware of voluntary youth work, which is often underestimated, even though the whole society benefits from it very much. The project will be attended by 9 people from the Czech Republic and 9 from Ukraine. The exchange will have three parts. First part will be focused on non-formal education of volunteers in area of work with youngsters in leisure time activities. This part will be mainly focused on communication and exchange of ideas and obtaining new motivation for these activities because these are very important aspects of working with youngsters. The next part will be the camp. There the participants will have an opportunity to use what they learned during the first part of youth exchange. We perceive participation in this camp will be of a benefit from the perspective of specific targeted practice with the youngsters and the impact on local group of young people from the local community. Participants of youth exchange will develop their character traits as responsibility, patience and flexibility as a result of the experience from the camp. The last part of exchange will be focused on activities with local community with which Ukrainian partner works with and this part will be also focused on evaluation of the project and its parts and self-reflecting of participants. They will realize what they learned and gained during exchange and what they want to do with these new knowledge, skills and abilities in their non-formal groups which are connected to their local communities. Youth Exchange will contribute to better employability of participants in the labor market. It will have a motivating effect for their other non-formal education and we hope that after the end of the exchange participants will search for ways to continue their education. Participating organizations will gain valuable experiences in organizing Erasmus + Youth Exchange projects and establish new contacts with other organizations in the partner countries. Youngsters from the local community, with which volunteers will work during the exchange, will improve their skills through morning workshops at the camp, strengthen their independence, flexibility, courage and sense of a teamwork. These campers will have the opportunity to meaningfully spend their free time during the school year with the Ukrainian non-formal group, which is a very good way how to protect them from potentially deviant ways of life, which they are threatened by at this age.
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