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European Bachelor in Physical Activity and Lifestyle Councelling
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

BackgroundIn Europe (and beyond) there is an increasing number of people suffering with (chronic) health problems that are mainly based on an unhealthy lifestyle. Changing an unhealthy lifestyle is not easy, because it implicates behavioural change, and is related to a persons identity. Therefore, people need support (counselling) to bring this change across. There is increasing evidence that an unhealthy lifestyle can be changed by focussing on a combination of physical activity, nutrition and the methods of one-on-one counselling: the so called "combined intervention". The project aims to train students to perform this role.ResultThe concrete result will be a new and innovative Bachelors' course in Physical Activity and Lifestyle Counselling.The course will be taught in English, and developed by 7 universities in 6 countries (NL, UK, DK, IT, LT, PT). The 8th partner is a large umbrella network: the European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment (for dissemination and valorisation).The study load will be 180 ECTS, divided over a basic semester, 2 professional semesters, 2 exchange semesters and the thesis semester (all 30 ECTS).The programme will be based on competence based learning and concrete learning outcomes.Students will follow at least one semester abroad, and receive the Diplomas of both their 'home' university and 'exchange' university, next to a special consortium Certificate.ImpactThe short term impact will be that a 'new' type of professional - the Physical Activity and Lifestyle Counsellor - will be able to offer broad and effective counselling/interventions in order to improve people's lifestyle and health.The long term impact will be that an increasing number of clients will improve their health and healthy lifestyle.In this way, the project will contribute to combating an unhealthy lifestyle and health problems resulting from that.

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