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Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

The EUGENE Network aims at improving the impact of European Engineering Education (EE) on competitiveness, innovation andsocio-economic growth in a global context. This goal will be achieved by setting–up and a top-level “discussion & action” forum tomonitor and support the continuous evolution of EE in the EHEA and to open its competition and cooperation borders beyondEurope. Indeed, although European EE and research is well recognised worldwide, its attractiveness still needs improving, andtime has come to discuss, analyse and improve its strengths and weaknesses in the global context: a first step has been theestablishment of the worldwide Intern. Fed. of Engineering Education Societies IFEES. Socio-economic growth and competitivenessis mostly “technology driven” and based upon innovation and entrepreneurship: therefore, EE is a priority for theindustrial/professional corporate world.In the EUGENE Network, all major European stakeholders of EE (linked with their corresponding Societies all over the world,through IFEES) will work on five Activity Lines:A) [Work Package 18.] Ph.D. Studies, Structure and Bologna follow-up: “Establishment of a European common set of excellencestandards and principles, in order to make the PhD training in Engineering and Technology in Europe more effective, competitiveand innovative (Leading Partners: AU Thessaloniki, KU Leuven);B) [WP 2-3] Promoting EE in Europe as a research field and in comparison of worldwide developments, a true and innovativeresearch area to improve entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness (Leaders: Aalborg Univ., TU Delft);C) [WP 7-10] Improve trans-national mobility of engineering students, graduates and professionals, also through contacts andsynergies with the International Engineering Alliance and the Washington Accord (Leaders: ENAEE; O. Engineers–Portugal;ASIIN);D) [WP11-13] LLL & continuing education as a tool to improve competitiveness and innovation of European engineers (Leaders:Helsinki Univ. of Technology/TKK, EuroPACE at TU-Leuven);E) [WP19-21] Increase attractiveness of EHEA: towards an ERASMUS Mundus Network in EE (Leading: Univ. of Birmingham, TUWien).The five Activity Lines will be supported by three Transversal Activities (T1, T2 and T3) [WP22-23].

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