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European Adventure
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In August 2015, a group of young proceed Ireland, Portugal and Spain, Majadas work together in a small town in the northeast of the province of Cáceres, about 200 KM of Madrid, capital of Spain. Account in the municipality with the Pinewoods Ollilla included in the ecological corridor and biodiversity Pinares Tietar. The "European Adventure" project is framed within the key 1, mobility of people based on action learning. This project is focused on young people live together, Europeans feel they are tolerant, break stereotypes and feel that with Europe, working for a better environmen and together we can do what we set without also forgetting health. In this project we wish to address the following issues: - To promote active citizenship among young people, especially the European. - Develop solidarity and promote tolerance. - Foster mutual understanding between young people. - Contribute to improving the quality of support systems for youth activities. - Work towards improving the environment. Youth participants are students and some others have left the educational world. They are people who are concerned about the economic situation that we are living and see an uncertain future for them, lack of employment, inability to leave home and become independent. They have lack of motivation of interest to undertake. Not often organize themselves, and often do not participate voluntarily in any entity. Have difficulty gaining access to cultural, educational activities, .. since I live in a rural area. A level of education, those who have not left the system, often continue studying thanks to scholarships. All parts of this project are to carry out actively and through participatory techniques with many meetings and lots of work in the three groups and the people who are helping us. This method allows us to everyone getting involved in the educational process, as each participant can be reflected throughout the project. On the other hand collect the opinions and ideas of all people who want to give us knowledge and help. The objectives and the proposed activities and the values ​​we want to convey, we try to apply through educational and cooperative games, seeking to develop personal autonomy, increasing self-esteem and achieving both personal and collective respect and respect for the environment in which we live. Each participant will have the chance to show it as it is and bring to the group their knowledge, skills and attitudes, enriching everyone with it. We are also currently conducting continuous assessment, which makes us to adapt, modify and learning on the fly, without ever losing sight of the goals we have set. We understand that this project is alive, flexible and adaptable to new situations that may occur and so to the end, we go reflecting, evaluating and taking corrective measures. We believe that the impact will achieve with this project is large and we see that it will be at four levels: - Impact on young people - Impact on the participating organizations - Impact on our local community - Social impact beyond our community A long-term youth will not forget this exchange will be a unique experience, where have broken stereotypes, which have lived with other young people, where they have realized how important it is to be and feel of Europe, where equality and respect will make them great people.

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