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Start date: Nov 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth Dynamics group will host in Agros Cyprus between 09-18 June 2017 a multilateral youth exchange title EUROPE WITHOUT BORDER. Our project will gather 56 young participants, between 15 and 25 years old, from 10 program countries to form a strong group and work all together as a team in order to raise awareness regarding the inclusion of immigrants. As we all know, immigrants have always had a tougher time when trying to adapt to a new social and cultural context. Except the cultural and language differences, this happens especially because they are not allowed to by the existent members of a particular group.Discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes are the main causes of social exclusion. As a consequence, the marginalized individuals do not adapt to the new environment and start acting in a negative way, confirming the general beliefs that "immigrants aren't their equals". Even more, this kind of behavior is affecting the job market as well. Immigrants have problems when trying to find a job. Because of prejudice, the employers avoid hiring immigrants or, when they to, they don't respect their rights and take advantage. With this project, we want to take a stand and try to make a small step that will make a difference in the minds of the participants. We aim to change their way of seeing things and make them our partners for this cause.During the project, the participants will be involved actively in different activities and will also create materials which will help us disseminate and promote the values and the raising of awareness when it comes to persons that will make contact with immigrants. The main purpose of the project will be the active participation in the integration of everyone. We will try to find reasons which promote conflicts, to find difficulties and communication barriers by stimulating conversation about intercultural differences, discussions about situations and sharing of views.The immigration problem as well as the acceptance and integration will represent the main theme of the project. Countries on the border of the EU, and generally all of them are facing a huge immigration pressure from people arriving with very different cultural and religious background. We, as young Europeans are shocked by some of the states’ responses, since it is totally against the European values. As those working with intercultural learning, acceptance of other cultures, solidarity, support of cultural diversity, as individuals, already started to help volunteering groups helping refugees and immigrants to be able to live with their rights given by international law. This made us to start thinking how we could use and offer our capacities to this problem; that with our knowledge, partnerships and resources how we could help fighting fears, ignorance of the situation or growing racism – in some cases even encouraged by governments – in this very quickly changing demographical situation in Europe.The mentioned theme has keep the status of actual problem in the last years, especially after the immigration phenomenon has increased and becomes more and more acute if we consider the fact that Europe is both a continent that provides immigration and that is welcoming immigrants. It is thus vital that the Europeans to respond to challenges in an efficient way. Unfortunately things do not happen exactly this way. It is easy to notice an increase in intolerance, the support for the xenophobic and populist parties, discrimination, presence of illegal immigrants that have basically no rights, parallel communities that hardly interact with the societies around them, Islamic extremism, the lost of the democratic freedoms, attempts to forbid the freedom of speech in the so called religion interest. Behind this stands a rooted insecurity, the phenomenon of a mass immigration as it is experienced or perceived, distorted images and unfortunate stereotypes about minorities in the mass-media and public opinion and also the lack of leaders to inspire trust and to articulate a clear view of the future destiny of Europe. The mix of these diversities with the freedom of the 21-th century from Europe offers an answer based on the fundamental European values. There has to be made a plan for a more confident Europe that will embrace diversity instead of putting it aside and willing to accept that there is nothing wrong with multiple identities. The main objective of “EUROPE WITHOUT BORDERS“ project is to sensitize and increase the level of awareness of the youngsters in what relates the integration of immigrants.
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