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Europe Web Walking -
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

..."The main target of the project is to enhance in students those competences which are considered as key strength for a complete realization of the person as citizen, to affirm the right to a respectable life and to gain admittance in the world of the job. They are those necessary skills required by the labor market of tomorrow. The main skills to be implemented will be the ICT, the foreign language; this should happen in an informal way, in an educational context where ICT and language will become tools to communicate and share experiences with other students of the European Union. What is important to underline is that there are not only cognitive skills but also other emotional competencies; they can be solicited through a group work methodology that will inspire those relational dynamics allowing the person to interact with others to succeed in life and in professional practice. “Europe Web Walking” is a virtual trip through different European countries. Suggested as a treasure hunt where our students will make virtual experience of artworks, monuments, famous people, typical food of the partner countries. This will happen through a “web walk” across Europe. Students will have to gain some pieces of a puzzle to be composed. They will have to use their reasoning abilities, thinking skills, and by working in group , they will improve foreign language knowledge and ICT competence. Each country will choose five representative elements from its culture or history ( a famous character, a monument or artkraft, a typical local food, a song, a proverb, and a free topic). Around these topics, each school will build some tasks for the other countries such as problem solving, crosswords, guessing games, anagrams, tan gram,web quest. This will force the students to travel “virtually” to these cultures (cultures of the different members of the project). Each time the students will reach the aim they will l be rewarded with a clue of a treasure map. The treasure can be only found when all the tasks are solved. Due to the fact that not all the partners will have students mobility, the final discovery of the treasure will happen in two different ways: Virtual walk by Google Earth ( without students mobility) or real walk through the street of the city (with students mobility). The partnership started as a shared idea on e-twinning website, where we began to discuss via mail. Later we planned a video conference to focus better the aims of the project , the necessity of students and teachers mobility, the acquired experiences of each country to be shared and the better way how to do it . Most of the partner schools already have experience in partnerships and each one will share its strong points. The idea is to start just from this, giving all the partners the chance to benefit from each others heritage .Some of the partners as Poland and Turkey have not any experience and it can be a good occasion for them to meet other partners and make them do this new experience to enter in this wider context as Europe is. Meanwhile other partners would appreciate their cultural heritage that Poland Turkey and Cyprushave never shared. Italy is about ICT specialist , we have also a recognized teachers trainer, that's why we are going to arrange a joint teacher training about that. Portugal and Netherlands are well experienced in students mobility and students curriculum so they can give their positive contribute. Romania has a great experience in organizing national and transnational symposium and activities and in studying best practice to be shared. Hungary is experienced in partnership projects and works on the development of the level of education with modern pedagogical approaches as integration of children with special needs, supports of remedial teachers, taking care of socially – economically disadvantaged children. Czech will give its contribute thanks to its experience in the field of teaching English and also because it is used to cooperate with parents association and local community. In this project there is a clear implementation plan with functions and responsibilities . All the action for management have been planned accurately. The continuous attention to a variety of other sustainability issues will help the project. Some of the activities will help students to share, cooperate, live experiences that will help them to support integration and respect. The project is equipped of activities for the teachers who will have the chance to compare and share their cultural heritage with other teachers of other countries. From this events , if possible we have planned a very important result such as a teacher training course based on the experience of learning through a game, but also focusing on the result coming from the seminars and conferences.
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