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Europe: The Big Picture
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND:In order to cause impact, social intervention must base itself on a broad and contextualized knowledge. Though associations are becoming more and more European, thanks to programmes such as Erasmus+, there is still a widespread ignorance in relation to European structure, and how its objetives and values materialize in different areas, structures and programmes. Therefore, we tend to focus our action only in popular programmes (although some projects may be more suitable to others) and we lose the sight of Europe in its whole, in its commitment on smart, inclusive and sustainable development and its support to the action of citizens and organizations that contribute to this development. Thus, the social and European dimensions of associations are diminished: they don’t realize how diverse are the European funding opportunities of those that contribute to European2020 objectives and strategies. So, this segmented relation harms both parties: the associations that have emblematic ideas on the field may not get the support they need to support its implementation; Europe loses interesting social partners that are essential on the field to the promotion of its values and missions with communities.MAIN OBJECTIVE:Equip youth workers – soul and hands of associations – with knowledge about Europe (mission, values, programes) so that they can create actions that are increasingly consequential with respect to Europe2020 and contribute to the European growth, with meaningful projects, being aware of funding opportunities.SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:a) Promote a seminar on Europe - mission, values and programs - lasting 5 days to 34 youth workers;b) Promote reflection on the role of youth workers in contributing to the Europe 2020 objectives;c) Empower associations as support structures for young people and as social partners in Europe in achieving its objectives;d) Provide a space for the development of partnerships and promoting European citizenship;e) Provide a systematic knowledge of all European programs and possible ways of financing civil actions strongly related to Europe2020.PARTICIPANTS:34 youth workers of the involved associations that demonstrate interest and ambition in acquiring skills and tools to optimize their practices and promote smart, sustainable and inclusive development.ACTIVITIES:«Youth Workers for EU2020» sessions in which participants discuss national and european priorities and their role in Europe2020 strategy;A 5-day seminar in which all participants will meet in Aveiro (PT) to learn about Europe – structure and programs, develop non formal education activities to build and strengthen European partnerships.METHODOLOGIES:Activities based on non-formal education; reflection and discussion among peers; shared construction of knowledge; group dynamics; continuous evaluation by analyzing achievement indicators; sharing of best practices in project management and partnerships;EXPECTED RESULTS AND IMPACTS:a) Creating a brochure with project results;;b) Sociopersonal and professional impact in all involved: skills and knowledge to assume their responsibility as support structures for young people, in a strategic partnership with Europe;c) Higher quality and diversity of actions in the youth field, by promoting initiatives that excel by both the motivation of young people and by their contribution to the achievement of the objectives Europe2020;d) Optimization of associative work with the acquisition of greater experience in managing projects and partnerships;e) Professionalization of associative structures by promoting the creation of strategic plans that take into account both their own context and EU2020, which promotes powerful and adjusted actions;LONG TERM BENEFITS:We believe that this project will cause a significant improvement in the youth field, both in the action of the consortium and of our target group, because the knowledge gained will allow a better intervention in the field, enhanced awareness of youth workers’ responsibility in social development.Thus, the great long-term benefit is the development of our associations, the growth of our partnership networks proven by our quality in this project and a major impact in our communities, by promoting young European citizens, active, responsible and entrepreneurs, capable of take an active role in achieving the objectives Europe2020.
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