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Europe's Living an Innovation
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our students are aware of the importance of building their future. As such we consider innovation and ICTs to be important and we motivate students who are not interested in any subjects or activities. ‘Europe’s Living an Innovation’ is a remarkable approach towards progress which has been created by Obispo San Patricio School. We have taken into account our students’ educational needs from a social workers perspective as well as teachers’ motivation in order to balance their achievements with those of the European Union. Obispo San Patricio is part of the Fundación Victoria network, the second largest organization in the city of Malaga by number of students. Within this network there are 19 schools whose aims and constant-evolution are linked by a common Strategic Plan. These schools were founded to meet the demand for quality education in marginalized and low-income communities while at the same time bringing social value to these neighbourhoods. Being part of the network allows for daily updates about the newest and most innovative ideas as well as sharing good practices among the member schools. Teachers, families and fellow students work together to make the student the focal point. We have a three-lined school from Primary to Secondary, and two other rooms for students needs, our treasures who give sense to integration and daily compromise in today’s society. We are aware there are subjects which can be improved and in order to discover our teachers’ deficiencies, we prepared a Google questionnaire to prove that our aims had to be centred on the use of the English language and innovational educational practices. Bilingualism widens more and more number of students and teachers whose training does not only imply a fluent English use but also an specific use of English in every curriculum subjects. The students’ activities and interests (or lack thereof) pushes us, as teachers, to pay close attention to new methodologies and resources available to us as members of the greater European educational space. We have a team of 10 professors, out of our 56-person staff, enthusiastic about taking part in the Erasmus+ project. From senior level teachers to brand new ones, the team has organised Europe’s living an innovation into the following positions: Project management, executive management, official and communicative administration, linguistics and academic administration, and task and activities organization. These participants aspire to take part in the structured courses proposed by English Matters, a collaborator chosen because of its experience in transmitting pedagogy to professionals as well as its clear understanding of the European dimension. Our vision and mission are most closely aligned with 4 courses offered by English Matters (2 or 3 teachers will assist to each course, including experienced teachers): 1) Structured Study Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar in Finland, 2) CLIL in Dublin, 3) ICT for Teaching en Leeds and 4) Activate your English for Teaching (B1+, B2) in Dublin. For us it is essential to participate in Europe’s living an innovation program. We would love to be able to capture the benefits that the program has to offer through implementing them in quarterly revisions, teachers’ planning books and in the core education plan for each of our schools. We hope to have the program’s influence permeate our classrooms, becoming part of our day-to-day school. Additionally, as it would be selfish of us to reap the benefits of 'Europe’s Living an Innovation' only among our teachers, students and their families, we recognize our obligation to share the knowledge, skills and attributes attained with the School Council along with other members of the Fundación Victoria. We plan on having a large online presence as well, communicating by means of media, blogs, teachers and students portfolios and of course, e-Twinning with schools throughout Europe. Hope, work, passion for teaching, consciousness of the past, knowledge of the present and a desire attitude to widen our horizons are the ingredients that produce our interest in participating in the 'Europe’s Living an Innovation' project. We have our batteries charged and have already taken some important primary steps towards innovation and bilingualism. We are counting on the collaboration of Erasmus+ to consolidate the progress. Welcome, Europe!
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