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Europe : Réussite ! Accéder au Succés grâce à la Mobilité, Unique Expérience Stage
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For the last few years, the high school The Cordeliers has been really involved in several European projects. The school les Cordeliers is located in the heart of Auvergne near Clermont-Ferrand. Europe is an integral part of our school project. We are currently involved in a Coménius project with our primary school. The middle school has a European section with a focus on Spanish language and plans every year several school trips to Spain. The implementation of specific people called “referent mobilité” within the high school and the opening of a section focused on English has improved the opening of students toward Europe. The main goal of our project is to give our students more skills to help them develop autonomy and get a job but also the development of the essential linguistic skills within these European sections. Our project involves around 29 students over a period of 24 months. These students are either deeply involved in the European section or simply wish to do one of their training periods working for a European company. The students have graduated with one of the 3 A-Level diplomas that were available in our school (Trade, Welcome, Support, care and human services). These students are not used to travelling, living and working in a foreign country but they are extremely motivated to make the most of this experience. Students are selected by the group Europe of the school whose members are: the School Director, the Chief supervisor, the information officer, the referent mobility, who is also a teacher in the European section and the English teacher in charge of the European section. The strength of our partnerships with Scottish companies allows us to continue to work with them and we now see them as solid partners. We have had a great feedback from them and we are therefore willing to strengthen our relationships. These companies get really involved in the training of our students. Some of them have even offered summer jobs to our students. Our partners work with the national assessment grids and fully understand the purposes of these exchanges. This year we set up an exchange with Wales to start the exchange in 2016 . The students work on practicable activities. The idea for them is to live a successful experience and that’s why the training objectives are explained in advance and the evaluation criteria are known well before the arrival of students. Each company tutor is involved, in collaboration with the teacher in charge of the student, in the validation of skills acquired. These evaluations are made during the last week of training when the teacher comes to take back the students back to France. Extra teaching hours are implemented for these students (2 hours per week) to prepare the trip. The preparatory work is educational, cultural and linguistic. Students take part in the full organization of their European experience. The work is done on the knowledge, know how but also life skills. Once they have returned from their training period abroad the students have to write a placement report. They also write an internship report which will be their support for the oral examination in order to get the certificate Europro and the European mention (only for students belonging to the European section). We have had several articles in the local daily newspaper La Montagne linked to the European trip our students. We also share all the information about our “European” students on our website and during our open doors sessions. We have been engaged in European projects for several years now. Former students have learnt how to put forward their “mobility” skills and have used these new skills to continue their studies or to improve their CVs in the case of a job search. Some of them have gone for a new training period in the same companies and others, who have really enjoyed the time abroad, have decided to go and live 6 months in a European country, working in a restaurant or a pub.
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