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Europe on the Plate
Start date: Jan 7, 2016, End date: Apr 6, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

With the project Europe on the Plate the Youth Centre Hrastnik wishes, by using the medium of food and cuisine, to bring the topics of multiculturalism, internationality, refugees and other social issues that Europe is dealing with at the moment into the limelight and thus introduce it to the local youth and other inhabitants. This is especially important since we sensed rising fear and mistrust towards the phenomena during the recent refugee crisis. Cuisine thus represents a means to remove or at least alleviate the obstacles, fear and prejudices for discussion since our daily work proves, that the culinary workshops provide a good platform to initiate discussion on more difficult topics. Those workshops are also ones of the most visited ones by our users.For better to achieve our goals of intercultural awareness we chose Jugendwerk der AWO Württemberg (JW) from Germany as our partner and sending organisation, since they work on the field of intercultural dialogue and have rich experience with intercultural cooperation inside their local environment. We have agreed to give the opportunity to the volunteers that came into Europe as children or have immigrant parents and that are integrated into German environment but are still in touch with their original culture or with that of their parents.With their work in the local environment the volunteers will enhance in it the sensitivity to intercultural issues, promote tolerance, solidarity and acceptance of difference. We wish to provide them with the experience where they could show their knowledge and skills, be creative and develop new ideas and at the same time have the opportunity to gain new informal knowledge and competencies as well as enhance their existing ones. They will use the knowledge they gain in their local environment when they return home.At the moment we are already collaborating on an EVS project with this partner organisation. Because of their good preparation of the volunteer for EVS service, their main field of work and established foundation for good cooperation we have decided to invite to Hrastnik two volunteers from Germany this time. We'll host them for 9 months, starting April 2016. By previous agreement with the sending organisation both volunteers will come from multicultural families will reinforce the element of interculturalism by culinary workshops and with our help encourage the discussion about racism, discrimination, acceptance and solidarity and inform about the challenges Europe is facing at the moment. We will use cuisine as medium to talk about recent social developments, intercultural dialogue and invite discussion on respecting differences and overcoming stereotypes and discrimination. By providing recipes of the prepared dishes at the end of workshops we will enable the participants to include them on their daily menu and continue the experience at home and thus give them the opportunity to remember and ponder about the issues at home and at the same time share their experience with others. To promote recognition of the project and inform about recent developments in society and other issues connected with the project the volunteers will establish a Facebook page, edit their own segment of page, and write their own blogs. We will also give more weight to Twitter this time where the volunteers will add their own contribution by actively commenting developments using appropriate hashtags and #Erasmus+ and thus promote the project at the same time.Through their project the volunteers will enhance their language competencies, social inclusion and skills of public speaking. They will have the opportunities to informally learn about communication, organising, working with media and research, enhance their digital literacy and written and spoken communication. They will be given guidelines for evaluating their own learning experience, skills and competencies that they will gain in the learning process of the project. Mentors will help them with the preparation of Youthpass, encourage them towards self reflection and help recognise the learning opportunities both during planed activities and their leisure time.We will take care of dissemination and project recognition before, during and after by using local newspaper Hrastov list and other regional media. After return home the partner organisation organises events that encourage dissemination of project results by the volunteer after his/her return home.
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