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Europe on Board: Learning for Europe

In our multilateral Comenius project „Europe on Board“ schools from four countries (Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain) are involved. Our aim is to support the idea of a Europe without barriers among our students by creating a common textbook for schools in English about cultural and scientific topics connected with their school subjects.In multinational teams the students will, for example, work on a geographical topic like “Places to visit” or other topics related to, e.g. natural sciences like “How to protect our environment” etc. In these mixed groups each student will first research the regional aspects of the topic chosen, then exchange and discuss this information with his/her European team partners and develop material like quizzes, exercises, role plays, etc. on the national and European level and finally present their topic material in the students’ textbook.By forming multinational teams the students will be compelled to use English as a means of communication with members of other EU countries and thus improve their linguistic performance during the project.The printed and digital material of the textbook will be tested during personal visits (mobilities) on groups of students abroad to get some feedback on the practicability of the ideas.
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