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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the past few years, EUROSUD organization has been very active in sending its members to various training course with the intention to invest in the young people part of the organization. Although there were a number of good quality, activities which the participants member attended, but also there were other training which lacked quality and proper contents. Whenever you tune in to the news nowadays, you are certain to hear about one conflict or another that is happening somewhere in the world. There are various different kinds of conflicts that are ensuing all around us. For some, it is easy for us to just switch of the T.V. and block it all out because it is happening in some far away place. Others do not necessarily have that luxury. The youth exchange is the result of a shared visionis and aimed towards bringing a group of youths together in order to take a look at the various reasons that can lead to conflicts ensuing as well as to discuss and brainstorm different solutions to lessen the amount of conflicts that break out. In doing this, us youths will have a chance to voice our own opinions and take a more active role in society. We will discuss how conflicts on a social, national, regional and international level affect us and how we can come together to counteract the negative effects of such conflicts.Five youths and a leader coming from 8 different partner countries (4 MEDA, 3 EU members and one pre-accession state), namely France, Croatia,Italy, Turkey, Malta, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine adding up to 40 young participants and 8 leaders will spend seven days in south of Italy living together and participating in several workshops that will be conducted making use of the non-formal method of education. Some examples of the activities that we will be carrying out include group work, role-plays, brain-storming sessions and outings. The group that will be composed of youngsters coming from very different backgrounds will be discussing the various similarities and differences that exist between our respective countries, the different issues that we face in our everyday lives, how they are currently dealt with and how they can be dealt with. We will not only be discussing the similarities and differences that exist in relation to our daily lives in our nation states, but we will also be sharing examples of good practices.This project will be carried out with the scope of spreading the message that if we work together rather than against each other, we are more likely to reap benefits. We will be presenting an exhibition of the work that we will be doing together and take the lessons that we will be learning home with us to spread among our peers. This will in turn lead to a healthier society who hopefully will make use of more peaceful methods of communication to resolve conflicts.The impact of EUROPE MEETS EUROMED will be directly on the quality of the projects implemented in the partner organizations and their networks. The participants will learn how to identify the real needs of young people they work with by implementing new coaching techniques, which they will acquire during the project. The participants will also learn the different element of coaching and the different roles a coach can take in the implementation of the project. Apart from the coaching tools, the participants will also learn that young people undergo different phases in their adolescent years, which require different tools and methods to engage young people more in the projects implemented on local and European level .. With this Youth Exchange we aim to increase young people's positive awareness of other cultures and support dialogue and intercultural comparison with other young people from different cultural contexts and helping to develop a sense of tolerance and understanding of diversity
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