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Europe Let's Go
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 01 Sep 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As responsible for VET courses for youth in technical areas, natural Gas, electronics, electricity and logistics, with an overall duration of 3 years, ISQ, training department, expects to have positive contribution to youth employment. In a moment where unemployment of young adults in Portugal is daily increasing its urgent to give them a global view of labor opportunities. The target group for the EU LetsGo, are 25 students aged 17 to 26 years old, mainly young students at risk with a background of "early school drop-out, social and labor market integration problems. From 5 different training courses, it will chose 5 participants above the criteria of general performance, responsibility, attitude, knowledge and personal interest to participate in this project and to do an internship in a German company. We hope that the working experience abroad will improve their motivation towards the training course they are taking and future work. Our goal is to give them opportunity to improve competencies and soft skills in three dimensions: technical, social and personal, like: Communication in a different language; cooperation, team work, empathy, intercultural conscientious; problem solving, flexibility, creativity, resilience, decision-making, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; new organizational methods, reinforce technical skills of natural gas installation, new electronic approaches, electricity schemes, or innovative logistic methods. In wider dimension, by participating in the project participants have the opportunity to: - enhance employability and increase career prospects; - be society active; - be motivate to take part in future education and training. For reaching these objectives we commit ourselves to act in 4 main stages: 1st – Preparation - All participants have a preparation period for linguistic, cultural and travelling issues. In practical workshops they will learn of some written and spoken German words, street signs, and public information, ask for directions, ask for help. Information’s about touristic aspects, luggage care, medical care, how to prepare a suitcase, and all kind of tips and task-related will be given in order to help them to travel abroad. 2nd – the mobility itself – Help trainees to integrate in companies and mentoring the process and support the hosting in an unknown country; 3rd – Evaluation – during the project an on-going evaluation will occur allowing the recognition of skills and qualifications acquired by the use of europass instruments; 4rd – Management and Dissemination – transversal entire project. Logistics and financial issues, like travelling and hosting arrangements, selection of internship companies, design internship program, conceive evaluation tools, establish communication lines and rules, results and outcomes assessment, dissemination activities to stakeholders and other students. We privilege a follow up methodology, with close communications and involvement of participants promoting awareness and understanding other cultures and the opportunity to build international networks contacts, to actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity both for participants and organizations. This experience will give participants self-confidence in the abroad working process as well in their professional qualification in qualification area, recognized in the European labor market. This project should have an impact in their personal development and employability in a bigger place than their district or country. Self-empowerment and self-esteem are some personal dimensions that must be increase just by participate in an internship abroad. In an extended way we expect also by participating in the EU LETSGO! Project they also gain a better awareness of the European Projects and EU values a better intercultural awareness which will give them tools and skills to be more independent, more active in society and more enterprising. By using Europe recognize tools as the europass we expect to ensure easily recognition of skills and qualifications across borders and to put forward other students to participate in similar mobility projects. Furthermore, the project contributes directly to the objectives of the program: - It will contribute to the increase in volume and quality of mobility in VET at the European level, contributing with 25 professional quality internships; - Provides a close cooperation between the two bodies VET (Portugal /Germany), with the involvement of companies in the electronics, natural Gas, electricity and logistics sector already identified, contributing to a systemic and multidisciplinary approach in the process of integrating young people into the labor market.-Active involvement in mobility projects awakens participants increase other languages motivation, since they are faced with the need for communication in their daily activities, as opposed to “theoretical " model, to which they are accustomed.
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