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Europe is our playground
Start date: 17 Feb 2014,

All the implemented actions of the project “Europe is our playground” are presented briefly below:• 5 reviews of basic research: Literature review about traditional and ancient sports - games in five countries.• 123 recordings of verbal stories from older people regarding their memories from games and sports.• 275 ancient and traditional games were identified.• 5-day Festival of sports and culture, with demonstration exhibitions of traditional sports and games from 5 different countries of the EU, which was attended by more than 10,000 participants.• Development of a dynamic and contemporary site (• Administration of a social media account on Facebook, with over 1.500 followers.• 3 school competitions (illustration, creative writing and photography), with 67 participants.• 2-day International Inter-scientific Conference “Sports and games in science, life and art” for the traditional games and sports and their connection to the modern games and sports, with more than 400 participants.• 15-day exhibition of traditional games - 50 exhibits.• 20 Workshops (parallel action to the Festival and the Conference) - 500 participants.• Internet game of a selected traditional arcade game, with 5 different levels and 5 different displays/countries.• 4 technical project meetings.• Special publication of a presentation Album of the actions and results of the project (photographs, drawings, festival and conference material, etc.)• 5 local points (in cooperation with volunteers) promoting traditional games and sports and all the actions of the project.• Establishment of a “European playground network” with over 20 “ambassadors” (kids, parents, elderly, decision makers, etc)• 9 presentations of the project to other countries: Milan and The Hague (EU Sports Forum 2014, 2015), Bilbao (Replay project), Warsaw, Bansko, Martfű (SETS project), Komotini (International Congress of Physical Education and Sport), Dublin and Brussels.• 5 meetings with cultural and sporting organisations.• Participation of 33 organisations in the actions of the project.• Assistance in the project actions by 80 volunteers.• Multiple publicity and promotion actions (brochures, newsletters and press releases, press conferences).
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