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EUrope in my school
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Scoala Gimnaziala Pietroasa is a public educational institution situated in a disadvantaged area, in the East of Timis county, Romania. Until this moment, our school has been actively involved in different national social and volunteering projects( Scoala lui Andrei, The Essence of Life, Our Green Planet, Let's do it, Romania, Liman Bike Race) and international projects as well( Comenius individual and multilateral partnerships, Erasmus+ partnershis, Aces and ESFALP projects). The school in the rural area is generally facing a lack of interest from the students, a lack of motivation from the teachers, a declining material infrastructure and mainly, this situation leads to an ever growing danger of early school drop out. We are aware that, for the professionalism of our teachers and to obtain new and modern methods and skills, to raise enthusiasm in class, we need to appeal at the financing opportunities that the Erasmus+ cycle provides us. We have carried out a needs analysis of our institution and we found out that we are facing: -a lack of motivation among teachers and students. -lack of basic skills obtained in international environments- for teachers. -the gap between the traditional and modern teaching methods. -lack of non-formal approach in education. Thus, we identified the following aims for our project "EUrope in my school" 1.Professionalization of at least 12 teachers from Pietroasa Middle School regarding the basic skills, ICT skills and non-formal education methods, through structured training courses, for a period of 24 months. 2. Involvement of at least 130 students in actively applying in classroom of the methods, techniques and skills that the teachers will bring back in their home-institution, on the period of the project. 3. Institutional development, in agreement with the European Development Plan, though implementation of new and modern methods of education, reflected in the school results of our students and their school frequency, on the period of the project. A close link between school-family-community is the main objective of the project "EUrope in my school". After identifying the aims, we started looking for course providers, we settled a main and back-up list, we applied for pre-registration and settled the strategic development plan of the project. Our project has 9 flows comprising 1-3 teachers each, for 9 different structured training courses. The beneficiaries from our school are from different curricular areas, most of which will be selected in relation to the selection criteria, upon their own application. After the return from the mobility, each participant is responsible of the dissemination and valorization, in a period of 30-45 days. Focus groups will also be created for this. The expected results are a better collaboration between school-family and community, a better flexibility of the teachers during classes,a greater participation of students in classes. We also want to decrease the danger of early school drop-out and raise the quality of school results in national exams( one of the evaluation criteria being this exam result). The members of the community will observe the efforts we put into raising the quality of educational offer and thus, they will get involved more in school life, will sustain more the ones coming from less privileged families, giving the chance that each child would be educated. Nonetheless, we want to become an inspiration for other schools in the area, to contribute actively with our share in the wellbeing and evolution of the Romanian educational system, that goes through a hard period. The benefits on long term will include the continuation of the collaboration with the course providers and foreign colleagues participants in the same mobility. This way, our school will create an European network of collaborators, the Romanian teachers, trainers and foreign teachers will exchange new and modern ideas, methods and methodologies, will keep their motivation raised high and so, our school will become a school in which Europe has entered, through education. We heard too many times that "nothing can be done in Romania". Through our project, we continue to change old and outdated ideologies, to demonstrate that our success in international projects was not a matter of chance and we deserve to keep the standard high and be an example of GOOD PRACTICE. YES, IT CAN BE DONE.
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