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Europe - identity under (de)construction
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled "Europe - identity under (de)construction" is an International Youth Exchange between the Programme Countries of the Erasmus+ Programme. der Arbeitsitel einer Internationalen Jugendbegegnung zwischen den Programmländern des Erasmus+ Programms. The exchange will take place at 23. August to 12. September, Seekirchen am Wallersee and also in the city of Salzburg and involves 40 young people from Austria, Bulgaria, Poland and Spain, from 18 to 30 years. The main topics of this exchange are: - European Citizenship, European Awareness and Democracy - Creatvity and Culture - Intercultural/Intergenerational and (life)long learning We think, that it is essential to understand, that every state is a temporary phenomenon, that every society is historical. The peace and the openness, in which just our generation was born, is the highest value, that belongs to us and the biggest chance we have, but it is still not yet stable. We believe, that many social phenomena and radical tendencies, like chauvinism, racism, terrorism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, antisemitism, egoism, imperialism, violence, addictions, resignation, depression, burn out, just to name a few, root in a general disorientation. We do believe that our modern, gobal, Western society offers many possibilities to its members, but as it is a society of networks, of a continuous, rapid and permanent change, of multiplication and (re)production, as well it demands a lot more from the people. This we have to acknowledge, together with the new challenges of our time. Which, with its claims, extremes, crises, inconsistencies, asynchronicities, injustices leads to new (old) tensions, creates new pressure on the people. To really recognise possibilities as opportunities and to seize them, requires sensitivity, courage and imaginative power. To actively and creatively engage oneself with developments and changes means to again and again consciously, (re)orientate. Means be (self)aware and creative. Our main goal is to help young people to this (self-)awareness, to encourage them to embrace their future, to face the challenges together and to create c ommon visions. The project consists of three phases: preparation (APV, communication with partners, activities, info-pack, for participants) ; implementation: Within the 21 day exchange we will raise the question for the European identity and we will explore the concept of identity in general, because trough what we define, and with what we identify, determines how we shape our lifes, to what we are commited, what we support, what we perceive as good and necessary and what we reject; Evaluation (Teamleadermeetings, talking stick, Youthpass, final report). All planned activities have the character of non-formal education. Our idea is to approach the topic with and within the arts, through and throughout various artistic workshops, especially with the ways and methods of theatre. To approach and examine i in a theoretical, pratical and playful way and to implement and present it in various forms and pieces of artwork (pictures, text, scenes, music pieces, objects, etc.), in small art performances in the public space and in a final street theatre performance / parade. Seeing it all together a piece will evolve, that will interpret this Europe in a common way, in its polyphony and its contradictory nature ... that will go on the street and will show itself in pictures, costumes, masks, music, sounds, gestures, postures, play, dance, acrobacy, ... and in a differentiated and poetic way expresses a (political) attituda and take a position. Another really important aspect is the "interdisciplinary exchange", to learn from each other: Through the "interdisciplinary exchange" self-awareness and sensitivity of the participants should be strengthened, they will discover synaesthetics and synergies. The project aims at mutual understanding, participation, integration and solidarity, as well as the creative connection of related, distinct, complementary, seemingly contrary sectors, fields of knwoledge, emotion, senses, systems of signs and values, media, etc.; on the long run it aims at the creative connection of Europe.
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