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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT: The project would be framed in the town of La Roda (Albacete - Spain), based on an experience of non-formal learning where volunteers develop social and intercultural skills and thus gain work experience in the field of childhood and youth. This will occur daily contact with volunteers with children and young people and their parents. The duration of this project shall be twelve months: from 08.01.2015 to 31.07.2016. While the duration of activities will be eight months: from 01.10.2015 to 05.31.2016. ACTIVITIES: We will promote European awareness of different generations. Our organization is very interested in those experiences to enable the development of new activities where the main objective is the enrichment of our European consciousness. We also want to contribute and actively participate in European integration. We try to encourage: • The relationships between children and young people from different social and cultural sectors of our environment. • The strengthening partnerships with other programs and with the same aims and objectives. • Increase field experiences and development of new activities that enrich both volunteers and citizens and increase their European awareness. We also want to contribute and actively participate in European integration. • Acquisition of practical skills in organizing activities for children and youth, directed and supported by the association and its partners. • Development of communication skills: listening, speech and exchange of views with people from other countries. • Development of social skills and ability to teamwork and emotional skills (self-assurance). • Knowledge and practice of Spanish language. It will increase their knowledge about our country including grammar and cultural content. • The teaching and learning of languages and different customs will be done through activities (sports, recreational, educational, manuals, etc.) designed for this purpose with groups of about 25 people in order to raise awareness of traditions, festivals, etc. of our country and the country of origin of the volunteer, as well as countries of origin of children and youth who come to the youth center "The Rocky" by some of them come from different parts of Europe and Africa. IMPACT: do not claim that this program landfall only our partners but also reverse in the children in the "Comet" project carried out by the youth association "La Rocosa". This association, nonprofit, promotes alternatives for children and youth of La Roda at your leisure and entertainment. Among its various activities include the aforementioned project "Cometa", aimed at the reception and integration of many migrant children who come to our town. Volunteer tasks are focused to support the educational and training work of the children of partners and members of the "Cometa" project of the youth association "La Rocosa", with the support and coordination of the project leader, Maria Jesus Benavente Garcia and oriented to meeting the objectives. EVS volunteer role will be to support the charge of each group of children and / or young people, and support the "monitor-animator" of the various activities carried out either proposed by the group leader or by the voluntary as their creative side and collaborator will be respected in all areas. VOLUNTEERS: The profile of the candidates for EVS responds to young people between 22 and 30 years, responsible and motivated for learning resulting from their participation in EVS, willing to share experiences and training young people from other European countries. The role of volunteers in the project is to people who perform support tasks always with those responsible for the activities of each of the groups of children and youth. RESULTS AND BENEFITS: The realization of this project will increase and stimulate positive awareness of other cultures, both the local community as their own volunteers. The daily contact with those responsible for the different groups, the children of the members, parents forming the Association and the people of the town of La Roda with the tutor will contact volunteers, will be of a practical and effective this exchange reciprocally intercultural. They promote tolerance and understanding in diversity and help to combat prejudices that lead to exclusion and be more tolerant and righteous people. And to prevent and combat prejudice, racism and all attitudes leading to exclusion and this is one of the main axes in the philosophy of any of the actions on youth program
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