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Europe for all - towards a successful integration of migrants

The main target groups are adult migrants (newcomers and oldcomers) in EU countries,migrant groups that experience difficulties with the integration process in their ‘newcountries’, such as backlogs on the labour market, difficulties in learning a newlanguage, difficulties in communication and adapting to a new culture with differentcustoms and habits. A large group of migrants does therefore not finish their languagecourses, being disencouraged and seeing no opportunities to participate fully in theirnew country. Making yourself understood, but also understanding your new country andbeing able to communicate are key factors for migrants to participate in a new country.Therefore the central aim of the project is the development of an integral (digital) tool tomeasure and develop intercultural competences and language for migrants in EUcountries. The following objectives are to be obtained: increasing the (sustainable)labour market participation of migrants; prevent drop-outs; empowerment of migrantwomen; help to avoid cultural traps for newcomers; provide newcomers with practicaltools to strengthen their chances for a smooth and sustainable integration; providenewcomers with easily accessible and up-to-date information; make integration ofmigrants easier.In order to achieve the aims the project partners will carry out the following activities:-Research on: problems experienced by newcomers and oldcomers in the new country;gaps between expectations of migrants and the actual situation in the new country;strengths and weaknesses of current integration processes; intercultural competences,necessary for a successful integration in EU countries.-Development of (digital) tools and methodology: to measure / test competences beforemigration to EU countries (self assessment); to advise migrants on personaldevelopment (Personal Development Plan, linked to VPL); for practical languagetraining (task-based, learning in a practical context); for coaching and guidance ofmigrants (tailor made for the different target groups); testing (and evaluation) of newlydeveloped tools in pilot settings; study visits between partners & target groups;valorisation (dissemination and mainstreaming) of project experiences, results and –products.The project will offer the following products & results: Research and evaluation reports;(digital) Tools and methodology for measuring and developing interculturalcompetences and language for migrants to and in the EU; (practical) Teaching andtraining materials; Users guide(s) of products for coaches / trainers; Internet portal forcommunication, exchange of knowledge and management of the project. The activitiesand results of the projects will lead to an integral ICT-based tool that will support thetarget groups’ integration in their new societies and increase their employability andworkability.
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