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Europe... Europe? Europe!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Europe... Europe? Europe!” is a project initiative, aiming to elaborate the issue of Euroscepticism, which takes a stronger pace with the recent happenings in the EU. In the recent times, there have been numerous events that helped the development of euroscepticism. This project aims to educate young people about the work and of the European Union and take into consideration their critical thinking on different issues, reagarding EU. After the last economic crises that also arrived in the EU and the European Parliament elections, which awoke many debates and the current events that touched the political and economic grounds of Slovenia, Poland and Estonia are just one part of the issues that awoke the thoughts about Euroscepticism. These events influenced the credibility in the European institutions and the need for broadening the focus in solving problems of the European Union member countries. All of the upper issues are negatively influencing European integration and generate the need for fast return of the stability of the integration process inside its member countries. From a viewpoint of the project partners, we have detected that the reasons for appearance of euroscepticism are very different in Luxembourg than in Poland or Estonia. The issues that concern Turkey also differ from all other project countries. Exactly this is the main reason, why we wanted to make this project idea a reality. Being able to gather representatives form 4 EU and one EU candidate countries, young people and youth workers, and have them debating on some of the most important questions related to European integration will bring huge benefits for them, and also will reflect on the way they think. This project, with its good dissemination strategy was also distributed to the wider public via different media, presentations, researches, videos, debates, journalistic essays etc. We strongly believe that we will be able to contribute to educate young people about the importance of the integration processes in the EU and all benefits, in which they are able to enjoy as young individuals, but we will also be able to reflect on the real issues and problems we are facing inside the EU. The most interesting part of this initiative, as we believe, was the opportunity to directly hear from young people how they see EU and the crisis we were faced with. This project was not only promoting EU integration, but bringing the critical thinking about this process. Young people had a great opportunity first to learn about the role of the European Union via the created program of the project. The experts, who were working on the project program made sure that young people would learn more about the economic and political importance of the EU, and its influence on our everyday life. They were educated and equipped with knowledge that would, therefore, contribute to greater quality of debates and all events, in which they would be involved further on in the project. Participants from 5 countries, Luxembourg, Estonia, Turkey, Poland and Slovenia, discussed and reflected about important questions, related to European integration and the recent events. The group of participants spoke up and debated on questions as: - European crisis of confidence - Anti-European political parties and what does it mean - Countries, considering leaving the EU - Possibilities to reform and return the integration spirit into the 28 member countries. Together Luxembourg has already worked on numerous projects, related to the topic of promotion of European awareness amongst young people. This project ideas originates from the previous initiatives and also will be inspiration for further initiatives of this kind. So far, we have been giving the young people the opportunity to speak up and express their opinion. The thoughts of young people were taken into consideration and they felt that they were making a change. Through the interactive concept of non-formal education, young people learnt a lot, and they also participated and contributed to the project program, project results and were responsible actors of this initiative during the activity days, but also in the follow-up phase, by transferring their impressions and what they learned to their friends and the community they live in. With the knowledge gathered during the project, their arguments and attitudes and the acquired skills, young people promoted active European citizenship to a wider public. To sum up, this project was a compilation of simulations, debates, reflections sessions, workshops, intercultural learning, practice of tolerance, practice of active European citizenship and European integration knowledge, cultural learning. Through this project, young people coming from various backgrounds learnt how to become active citizens and Europeans, who have deep understanding of many topics and events related to the European Union.

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