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Europe – diversity of faces, hearts and colours

“Europe – diversity of faces, hearts and colours” was a project about that presented the variety of cultures and nations in Europe. It emphasized on their importance and diversity and at the same time it showed the connections and unity between them. Partners in this project were five schools from each of the countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey. The main aim of the project was that the students by studying the sights, nature and traditions of their home region would better appreciate their past and the past of the other countries, would respect it and would strive for better present and future. The presentation of the home region was made by gathering materials from local researches on the traditional culture of the partner countries. Each participant had to decide what valuеs from the home region to include and how to present them in front of the partners. The introduction of the home region consisted of five categories: geographical sights; history; national customs; traditional meals; nature. The students selected five components from each category and the components were included in the final products. During the presentation of the home region, the most common used words were classified and included in dictionary in six languages – English-the working language, along with Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian and Turkish. Almost every project activity and end product were described and illustrated with pictures in the website of the project: .
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