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Europe Challenges for 2020
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Europe 2020 emerges as a political strategy of the European Commission in order to achieve intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth. The aim is to develop knowledge and innovation, achieving a greener and more efficient management of resources while remaining competitive economy. Priority is given to strengthening employment, social and territorial cohesion. Europe 2020 manages a number of policies and reforms in these areas that will enhance the sustainable development of the EU along this decade. In this context EUtopia arises, an Erasmus + KA2 project whose protagonists will be students in secondary schools from six European countries with very different realities (Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia and Turkey). We will intend to actively involve our students in European public policies in order to get a better Europe. With this strategic partnership we aim to foster the development of innovating practices, as well as the implementation of strategies that encourage cooperation, development and peer exchange strategy at European level. In addition to serving and enriching the social, linguistic and cultural diversity, EUtopia will try to find new approaches to face the geographical and socioeconomic disparities of learning outcomes and improve competitiveness and employment. This association is formed by a team of teachers and students who believe in the project, accept the challenge and enrich it with their tastes and interests. In each country there will be a group of about 25 students aged between 16 and 18 years. We choose this age because we believe it will be a good test before becoming full-fledged European citizens. A stage which is critical because of the danger of premature drop-out, which makes them become more aware of the difficulties of incorporation to employment and the importance of their future. For teachers, we have the approval and support of the majority of the staff and especially a team of about 20 teachers who will be responsible to coordinate and implement the project. EUtopia will be built thanks to the collaborative work of partners during the two years of implementation of the project, and the six meetings on the six themes will be the ties that bind all countries. Each country will be responsible for preparing one of these meetings, designing activities, training and materials to help to achieve our goal. At these meetings we will set the agreements taken previously online. We will share the work done by the partners before and after the meetings and discuss all the topics to agree on how to build a better Europe. We will also know the different transnational realities and seek solutions which will be reflected in our documentary at the end. The travels will serve to overcome cultural barriers and reduce the differences between the partners to be adapted linguistically and technically to the different realities of the visited countries. International meetings are an irreplaceable experience due to the exchange of ideas that is vital in the creative process. By the end of the project we will organize a screening of the documentary simultaneously in events held in each of the participating countries. This gala will be attended by all the students who participated in the project, their families, the community involved in the education in their schools as well as a representation of local, regional and national political and educational authorities of all partners. With this partnership we will develop innovating practices, we will work with digital technologies related to audiovisual communication (for communications and results), we will achieve the promotion of the creativity of our students and encourage their love for learning, strengthen their will to learn, and create a cooperative atmosphere among all. To create a documentary will help us to promote and disseminate the vision that young Europeans have from their different realities. This fact will be shown with an audiovisual product which will cause students' reflection and criticism about different issues from an artistic and creative point of view. We will produce a trailer of our documentary for its presentation to the media. We will also create a poster of the film and the backstage of its production. Then we will upload all these materials on TwinSpace, YouTube and the EUtopia website. We will disseminate them through social networks. We will create an e-book in which we will share the results, scripts, photographs, materials, activities and any document that we have used during the lifetime of the project to ensure its sustainability, so it can be consulted by anyone and serve as a basis for future projects. We will set up the adoption of processes of recognition and validation of new and improved skills (Europass) certification of knowledge acquired by our students as international collaborative work experience when joining the labour work.
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