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Europe and Its Neighbourhood – Democratization, Upheaval, and Stability
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The teaching module “Europe and its neighbourhood – democratization, upheaval and stability” focuses on the European Union's external relations with the Eastern and Southern neighbourhood. It gives insight into the recent developments of protest movements against authoritarian rulers and the subsequent transition processes and struggles for democratization. It takes the Eastern neighbourhood and the question of Ukraine as well as the Southern neighbourhood with the diverging processes after the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria as a reference point to analyse the consequences for the cooperation of the European Union with the near abroad.This topic is of high interest for practical as well as academic reasons, considering the political challenges the current developments in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria or Egypt put up for EU politics. The module provides in depth knowledge about the transition processes under way in the Eastern and Southern neighbourhood of the European Union and discusses the consequences for European integration. For different reasons, all these countries in the European Union's neighbourhood are of high relevance for the economic and political future of the project of European integration. The political changes and upheavals in the direct neighbourhood implicitly demand reactions from the European Union policy makers with respect to political assessment of the processes under way and the impact for the European Union's interests. It is thus important to identify the core ideas of European external relations, specifically the values and interests that compose the policy towards the near abroad in order to analyse the meaning of a changing neighbourhood for the European integration.
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