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Europanization in Public Administration Reforms
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 28 Feb 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the EPAR project is to upgrade the upcoming NISPAcee 23rd Annual Conference in Tbilisi (Georgia) with Jean Monnet funded “Europanization Panels” which will be interposed into 11 Conference Working Groups programme. NISPAcee is running different research working groups which consist of teams of international researchers and are focused on different areas of the public administration and public policy within the NISPAcee region. By now there have been more than 25 different topics under the research agenda of these working groups. At present there are eleven planned for the conference in Tbillisi to be held in May 2015 and this project aims to bring the EU agenda into their research.Objectives:To increase awareness, understanding and knowledge about EU public policies among researchers in the NISPAcee region and turn their attention to the EU integration processes and their reflection under different areas investigated by different NISPAcee research working groups.To stimulate the debate and research on the importance of European integration for states Public Administration and Public Policy development.To provide a platform for the engagement of researchers and policy makers.Outputs:- A set of summaries of Europeanization panels discussed under all NISPAcee research working groups during the conference in Tbillisi, Georgia and their distribution to about 6000 individuals (NISPAcee database) and 500 hard copies ready to be distributed during all the relevant events organized by NISPAcee and send by mail to libraries and other relevant high education information centers- Special project EPAR Jean Monnet Website developed and maintained- All NISPAcee members and other institutions and individuals registered in the NISPAcee databases, in total more than 2000 institutions and more than 6000 individuals informed about the reflections of the EU policies and EU integration processes on the focused research areas.
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