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Europafels 2016 - Projektarbeit im digitalen Zeitalter - Differenzierter Unterricht mit modernen Medien
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background of the project: Georg-Keimel-Mittelschule Elsenfeld is an institute of secondary education including a “Mittlere-Reife-Zug” and optional all-day care. It is currently attended by about 310 pupils. Due to a high amount of pupils with a migratory background (about 45%) there is a high demand for supportive measures in German language and special tuition. Individual learning through the use of digital media and projects supporting integration are very important at this school. Teachers with advanced competences (English, IT, psychology) work as advisors for other teachers. The school’s media equipment has been improved over the last years and will be renewed completely in spring 2015: All classrooms and special rooms are networked and equipped with notebooks, digital projectors and speakers. Additional mobile units as well as a document camera are available. There is a fast and safe internet connection at this school. Since September 2013 the school has been qualifying for a “Referenzschule für Medienbildung”. This means instruction modules, media curricula, materials and skills will be developed and provided to other schools as part of the local and regional teacher training. Numerous educational projects with new digital media have been realized at this school: School radio, film groups and partnerships with radio broadcasters and newspapers work regularly and successfully. Project objectives: The overall quality of school education will be improved through the development of teaching. An intensive process of improvement will progress through new experiences in the international seminar and the feedback of new partners. The cross-border dimension of the school, already presented by the high amount of pupils with migratory background, will be strengthened. Dropout rates will be reduced as well as bad school performance due to language deficits. Even more talented students will be furthered. The school’s excellent facilities in new media are extensively used for the benefit of our students as they gain from differentiated instruction and individual requirements. As “Referenzschule für Medienbildung” the school will be a multiplier for local and regional teacher training. Due to this it will develop, test and multiply model projects and will share its experience to teachers of other schools. Number and profile of potential participants: The team responsible for “Referenzschule für Medienbildung” set the tasks of every participant in the project. The participants have comprehensive experience in their fields, especially in using new media in education, and they are above-average qualified in this profile. They will embed their new competencies directly in their teaching and spread them through teacher training throughout this school and the region. Description of activities: In this first step two participants will visit an international seminar of “europafels” about modern digital media (e-learning) in Italy (Academy Rechenthal in Tramin / Termeno). They will interact with colleagues from other European countries, visit Italian facilities and deepen their knowledge. eTwinning and other transnational forms of communication will follow. Approaches for the implementation of the project: The School administration will coordinate the whole project in close coordination with the school’s team “Referenzschule für Medienbildung” and the partner “europafels”. It will supervise the participants’ preparation, the evaluation and distribution of the project’s results. The advice of “europafels” guarantees the intercultural dimension of coordination with partners. Intended results and long-term benefits: Dealing with varied models of teaching, new media and digital literacy the teachers involved will develop a reflective handling of their own work. Further they will test new methods and models of education with new media at their own school and pass them on to teachers of their own and other schools as part of local and regional teacher training. The skills acquired will subsequently lead to further comprehensive projects, with partners abroad as well, and thus encourage the European dimension of the school. Results will be coordinated in the context of “Referenzschule für Medienbildung” and will be made available to interested participants through online platforms and the school’s website. They will affect the local and regional teacher training and will be used in co-operation with nearby schools.
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