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Europäische Vielfalt-Sprache als Eintrittskarte (EVSE)
Start date: 25 Jul 2016, End date: 24 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “European diversity – language as a ticket” (“EVSE”) is carried out at the private school Stein. The private school Regina Stein is a non-profit organization based in Nuremberg. It is a special pedagogic education center with the focus on “emotional and social development”. The pupils supervised at this institution are particularly at risk in their academic success as they can control their behavior only difficultly.Pupils at the age from 6 to 14 are supervised at this school. They are offered lessons based on the Bavarian curriculum for primary and secondary schools, as well as a wide range of extra curriculum activities in the afternoon. The students are being taught by primary and secondary school teachers, grammar school teachers, remedial teachers, a psychologist and several certified pedagogues. A focal point of the school is European education. Comenius projects have taken place and EU working groups, which deal with the culture and the language of certain countries, are offered. With the project EVSE the school wants to contribute to the EU-strategy 2020 in the educational sector and to other European educational agendas following the ESSB project (European languages – key the European citizens). The staff´s competences of learning and teaching languages, as well as the intercultural competence in terms of a lifelong learning should be fostered sustainably and thereby counteracting a pupil´s failure at school and a high drop-out rate.There is a need for further education within the staff in terms of European languages which should be met with the project EVSE. Additionally, the following aims are to be achieved:- The foreign language competence of the staff and the competence of didactics and methodology of foreign language teaching in English are to be improved- The language and methodical competence in French are to be broadened to efficiently affect the student´s learning progress in the classroom- In terms of lifelong learning the staff is to expand their professional competence for the job market- The intercultural European education for teachers and pupils is to be improved, thus developing an active European citizenship- The exchange among the staff for pupils with a migrant background should be promoted, particularly with regard to the current refugee situation.- The integration of pupils should succeed by discovering different cultures and languages- The risk of dropping out of school and the pupil´s failure at school is to be diminishedEVSE is planning seven learning mobilities which are equally distributed on the different work areas at the school (administration, class teachers, remedial teachers and teachers of all-day schooling). The teachers will attend foreign language courses and courses in in methodology and didactics abroad. The learning mobilities will last at least two weeks. Available are the European main languages French, Italian and English. All language courses are consistent with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The teachers choose a qualified course and the school administration will approve it if the course is in accordance with the criteria outlined in the EVSE.Expected results of these measures are an increased language competence, a higher level of methodical and didactical competence as well as a deepened intercultural understanding for the host countries. These results will enhance the level of education at our school. In addition to their regular classes, the pupils are provided with EU working groups to improve their language learning and the intercultural education. These new competences are implemented in theatre groups, cooking classes, theatre visits in the respective language, lectures, in classes like “local history and geography” (HSU/GSE) as well as music, arts, didactics of German as a second language. The teachers are passing on newly acquired teaching skills to their colleagues by means of in-house training courses.This will help the pupils with learning new languages and with achieving a higher intercultural education and motivation to learn foreign languages beyond school. All this will have a positive effect on their academic success and their professional career.The project EVSE will be multiplied by the participating teachers, the college and the school administration in various ways (lectures, homepage, further trainings).
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