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Europäische Lernmobilität von Bildungspersonal
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project motivation: We are organizing transnational internships for disadvantaged young people together with our co-operation partner since 2009. In addition to the cooperation agreement we have also a partnership agreement regarding the qualification of young people and staff from the professional training sector in place. In 2012 and 2013 we have organized educational journeys to Sweden and Spain. Project aim: • Enhancing the basic education and qualification of transversal skills, Europe-wide transparency including ECVET – principals and instruments thru the professional qualification of employees. • National and international assurance of educational stays of employees. • Transnational connectivity. • Developing and securing our strategy regarding internationalization. Number/profile of the participants: 72 participants with the profile: trainer, teacher and social education worker with professional experience. Description of the activity’s: Our project should be realized thru 6 separate sessions with 72 participants each on the basis of EVECT-instruments. For the execution of the project we have 3 transnational partners. With them we will close ECVET partnership and learning agreements. For the realization of the project we will show the following activities: • Contacting transnational cooperation partners, educational institutions and vocational schools to introduce the project; • Development of the curriculum; • Acquisition of participants and coordination with stakeholders; • Execution of the selection process; • Preparation of the participants after the development of the curriculum; • Coordination of the project with the cooperation partner after the completion of the ECVET partnership agreement regarding time and content; • Organization of the qualification with regards to the content; • Execution of the qualification – the educational institution is managing the booking of the flights, organizes the accommodation together with his partner, make additional insurances; • The participants will be accompanied and supported by the partner. • Do a lessons learned with the participants and the partner. • Participants will get the “Europass Mobility” and a certificate. • Internal evaluation in the educational institution • Accompany the participants for more than 12 month to measure the development and sustainability. • Publishing the results. Methods for project execution • Symposium: Introduction to the problem • Lectures and discussions on the topics, visit and get to know employment centre, Job Centre and school. • Getting to know the structure, internships, consultations and tentative participation in companies, schools or educational institutions, final conference with all parties, discussion on the gained experiences, comparison with German structures, result evaluation interviews with participants, Evaluation of the project. Expected results, impact and long-term benefits We are expecting from the participants: • an exploration of self and self-reflection, what I have achieved what I can achieve; • Improvement of intercultural competence and engagement with other cultures; • Recognizing the importance of mobility and communication needs between cultures; • Recognizing the added value of transnational training for personal and professional development, improvement of their skills; • That they can better deal with foreign clients / colleagues and • That they have the opportunity to work in whole Europe. We are expecting: • That many employees will be enabled to do a transnational training and that employees take advantage of this; • That the transnational training is accepted as a “learning outcome” -based training; • That the added value of transnational education for personal and professional development of the participant is seen. • Recognize that transnational training also has an added value to the training company. We aim to: • A significant improvement in the acceptance of European mobility and training in the form of transnational training. • Build and expand networks; • Further development of cooperation’s with companies and implementation of transnational training with the use of learning agreements and assignments; • Increase in the realization of transnational education, by motivating employees; • further collaboration with the transnational partners; • We plan to publish our developed units of learning outcomes and the Euro-pass on the ECVET portal; • Through the implementation of our project, we want to support the learning outcomes approach the ECVET instruments.

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