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Start date: Jun 25, 2014, End date: Dec 24, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The physical context and economic partner which has developed the project is located in the province of Cadiz, more specifically in the cities of San Fernando and Vejer. This region were and continue to be found in a very difficult socio-economic situation as it is ranked as the European region with the highest unemployment rate. This means that the youth of this region do not have the means to participate in activities how are you. The level of youth unemployment touches 60%, so the vast majority their only way out is to emigrate. This is leaving an atmosphere of despondency and passivity that we must fight to avoid them, creating a participatory spirit through the Youth Councils and volunteerism. Also in this situation, the scourge of drugs are opening step, further aggravating the situation. With this project we wanted to raise awareness of active European citizenship and involvement in their local societies and in general of all young participants from Cyprus, Portugal, Romania and Spain, as well as boosting the fight against discrimination and against the use of substances harmful to health. During the exchange activities have taken place that will enhance cohesion among young people, so they knew European issues such as folklore, gastronomy, Youth Councils and volunteerism. But most important of this project is that young people in the four countries broke with stereotypes and clichés of different nationalities that make up Europe, thus fighting against prejudice based on race, nationality or any other. Time to the fight against drug addiction and the use of substances harmful to health was also dedicated. The activities we had communication between young people as the forum where video or games will force communication among all of them and them is also very important in this project. The first day's activities were in San Fernando exploring the city, their environment, their culture and the way that young people of San Fernando de vivre. The last few days we moved to the town of Vejer to continue the business under the camp. There ethnographic volunteering recovery of areas important cultural value in cooperation with associations of the area were made. We were a total of 66 participants including monitors (15 + 2 Cyprus, Spain 16 + 2, 15 + 2 Portugal, Romania 12 + 2) living together for thirteen days. He was given special importance to young people to participate less likely, that without the help of the European Union could not afford to do it, or with certain problems such as studies and that this activity will help them overcome it. The methodology used in the project was through work in small mixed groups where young participants could discuss the various issues involved. Also perform many of the outdoor activities in contact with nature greatly facilitated the integration and participation of young people. It was intended with this project that the young participants to become participatory youth in their society, knowing they have some instruments such as youth councils and volunteering to participate. We also wanted to empower young convert minded towards other cultures. Finally we concienciaran also pretended that they are a young healthy without going into the world of drugs and who can have fun and be drug free environments.

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