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Europa: ti vedo e ti vivo
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

FRAMEWORK REFERENCEThe project connects secondary and primary schools in France, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain. The teachers propose with the project gradual and systematic activities to make students aware of the role the EU plays in their lives. Crucial in the project will be the partner institutions that will accompany the schools in the path:- European Historical Archives, to introduce the students to history, the values and objectives of the EU (the recent memory).- Opera of Santa Croce to learn about the contribution of the Franciscans in the spread of values in EU countries, still valid today, (deep memory)PROJECT AIMSOverall objective. Promote the understanding of EU values: secularism, dialogue, peace, freedom, equality, solidarity, democracy.Students objectives:- Know and understand the EU constitution processes through the resources of the EU's historical archives (recent memory)- Know and understand the formation of the idea of citizenship in their own country, from experiences traced in time (deep memory)- Producing materials describing the research developed- Use knowledge and skills to lead primary school students, other students or people interested in discovering the local citizenship and European routesTeachers objectives:- Build knowledge on the EU constitution, the Franciscan trails and other citizenship experiences through exchange and comparison between colleagues- Building skills to work with students, ( to read a historical document, to document, to compare events according to functional established criteria, etc.)- Working together to build skills to manage working groups, interact with colleagues and studentsACTIVITYThe project activities, functional to objectives will be:6 project meetings, for the coordination and strategic management of the project actions;5 training activities for teachers, reinforcement and support moments for the acquisition and the comparison on educational cooperatives that characterize all the laboratories of the students. Each meeting will focus on a theme corresponding to those that students will face in the workshops, in order they know they can direct students in research laboratories and during such activities in their respective countries;5 exchanges for students, laboratory activities that will be the research of information symbol of the values that bind the EU and the historical formation to these values, in different countries as the significant contribution of the Franciscan cultures;5 multipliers events that will take place between the operators responsible of the project and teachers, but with a broader meaning, promoting the interest in the project in relation to other entities (schools, institutions, teachers, students, citizens) in order to increase the same visibility and promote further cooperation and investments.METHODOLOGYThe project regards that students and experts, seek and inquire the socio-political structure of the EU, to understand its history and how, declared values and goals are pursued by institutions and organs. To make live and deep the search path, students will work primarily on contemporaneity, on the EU's values, then they will turn to discover the profound way that such values have made over time throughout their countries. The methodological-didactic attention of the workshops will be the centrality of the students, the collaborative and cooperative learning as well as the image as communication of meanings.EXPECTED RESULTSThe expected results are: the learning of knowledge, the acquisition of skills and competencies in relation to the stated objectives above, for such elaborated as a progressive way. The group of teachers will develop tests and case studies to assess the achievements.The level of commitment of students and teachers will be demonstrated by the laboratory products:- 7 Atlases corematici, describing thematic meanings and symbolic places of the European Union on paper and translated into five languages: those of the partners and in English;- 1 virtual atlas that gathers in a web of meanings the contents of the 7 thematic Atlases;- 1 video about the entire experience.EXPECTED IMPACTThe main impact of the project will be in schools extensible to the partner institutions, other institutions, families and the region. The short-term results will make all participants visibility and attractiveness, in the long term will give most potential for development. For stakeholders, it is expected a greater awareness of what to be European citizens means.
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