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Európa, región - jazykom k práci
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the project is to improve relevancy of informal language education in apublic language school dominant in the region, so that it corresponds with the requirements ofmodern information era, the European context of education and labour market.Language education at school at the moment does not focus sufficiently on wider, extralingualcontext of education and graduates therefore don't get knowledge, abilities and skillsnecessary for successful placement on the labor market. These qualities are especiallyimportant in the region of Poprad, with high unemployment rate, but good prospects ofdeveloping tourism and industrial production, as well as good transport connection.The aim of the project is:- assure that management and pedagogical employees can effectively identify and define those parts of education process, which don't correspond with real needs ofregional and European labor market and education;- that the language school in cooperation with local employers, local government,municipality and other interest groups innovates, develops methodology and organizescourses which, with their content, communicative approach and language selection,will focus on and correspond with relevant topics and areas within regional andEuropean context;- assure that graduates of the school have good knowledge of European issues andactively approach and use tools offered by EU, as well as language certificates thatmay help them with their career development;Three employees of the school will participate in the activities of the project. The selectedactivities should help their professional qualification and good knowledge of the problem areaand thus, in synergy, help to reach the aims of the project. All three have participated in EUmobilities in the past and thus know, what they may expect and how to effectively approachthem.Renáta Lavková, the deputy of headmaster, the project coordinator will in her planned activityimprove in design, planning and effective use of modern methodology.Marta Zelená, the headmaster, with long experience in area of education and managementwill, in her planned activity, gain practical experience in evaluation of quality of educationand on the basis of comparison with other educational bodies in the region or abroad suggestand implement new elements into modern tuition of languages.Tibor Liptaj, teacher and professional education specialist will in his planned activity learnhow to develop effective courses and curiculae within the framework of CLTC certificate,developed ,by business for business, and so contribute to higher relevance of education, withrespect to the needs of market and employees.The result of the educational activities will be identification of problematic parts of theeducation at school, innovative suggestions of improvement and further implementation ofmethods and approaches into specialised courses developed. The results of educationalactivities, skills and abilities learned will be presented in a form of seminars and trainings otother employees and staff of tehe school, who will later on also participate on the realisationof the project goals. After running the pilot course built in this innovative way, the resultsand positive outcomes will be presented in regional press and media. The experience gained could be also shared with other educational bodies within Slovakia in a form of specialisedseminars.Ultimately, it will be graduates of the school, who will be more successfull on European labor market, within Slovakia and Poprad region; school, which will be more attractive for students and participants and which could, by accessible language education, positively stimulate creation of job positions and cooperation with employers within region.
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