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Europa positiva: melhor avaliação, + escola
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Cluster of Schools felt the need of improving the self-assessment process because of the amendments introduced in our educational system and due to the pressure of improving the quality of education, what happened in our country but also internationally. This circumstance led to the elaboration and implementation of new assessment models, which are related to the improvement of schools and accountability, having in mind the increasing of transparency and responsibility of teachers’ performance by their students’ results. In this context, there are many difficulties in the elaboration and application of effective assessment tools. Thus, we highlight the need of improving and developing knowledge and competences of our teachers, in terms of new methods and tools of assessment processes and results. On the other hand, the Cluster of Schools considers assessment as an innovative strategy, focuses on the introduction and guidance of improvement programmes as a way of enriching the educational action and consequently the process of students’ development. At the same time, according to the School Cluster Educational Project, we notice the need of improving language skills and developing the European dimension in education, towards lifelong learning. Aims - Improve the self-assessment process of the School Cluster; - Learn to plan the evaluation process in a joint perspective of work done by several school institutions; - Learn how to promote the impact of evaluation in teaching practices and in the dynamics of school management and organization; - Learn to elaborate instruments for monitoring of school practices and strategies; - Learn to create tools to measure the impacts of strategies and practices; - Establish a collaborative network at a European level. Number and profile of the participants We intend to involve 20 teachers, (representatives of all pedagogical structures), in mobility, which will allow to achieve better practices of all the professionals with direct effects on school evaluation process and in all its dynamics, (once again, according to the School Cluster Educational Project). Activities 1) Before mobility: contextualization, dissemination of the training plan of the School Cluster and of this particular in training project; 2) During the mobility: attendance of courses and observation; 3) During and after the mobility: implementation of new practices; 4) Evaluation of the results. Impact The expected impact of the participants is mainly to improve their skills and their knowledge in the field of school evaluation, (process and results), language skills, collaborative work with European dimension. This in training Project is considered itself a strategy for improving the practices of the School Cluster and with great importance for the professional development of teachers’ careers for a better provision of educational services. After the conclusion of the in training Project, the School Cluster will have human resources able to introduce new tools and to implement good practices in its self-evaluation, and to disseminate their knowledge in different in training actions, contributing to some of the specific goals of the School Cluster Educational Project, in particular: - To develop projects/initiatives that foster the European dimension of education, - To promote active European citizenship. - To keep and to expand partnerships and agreements with several institutions (...) concerning (...) international partnerships (...) with the main aim of improving education.
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