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Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will be implemented by a group of 50 participants (8 people and 2 supervisors from each country), aged 17-25, from 5 countries: Poland, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Italy. Our main goal is to introduce basic of business in tourism through the implementation of various professions: a pilot in tourist industry, guide, tour operator, travel agency owner and other up to professional traveler. For the whole group of adults, such an offer gives additional advantages, new possibilities in a world that required mobility, improvement and chance to change in job preferences. Young people are made for such work. It might be a job for us because we are open to the world, to other countries. We are very optimistic in our plans and we believe that this work is not difficult. This psychological aspect of activity will be extremely important in the project and we want to highlight advantages of self-reliance such as independence and responsibility. We believe that work with people is the most interesting experience. In addition, we would like to discuss about skills which we need to do such work, develop business plans-with specialists, calculate risk and count expected profits. During the project named? Tourist Company?, we would like to specialized in travel through Europe. We must improve our knowledge of Europe to not offer customers? a pig in a poke?. Exploring Poland will take place in attractive areas of the country (surrounding Wis?a) and not well known places in Europe. This area is located near our border (Tripot- place of three borders), we will revile facts of other Europeans countries-our neighbours. We are going to face culture in Cieszyn and Zaolzie, visit very famous places in Europe: Krakow (where our group will arrive), Auschwitz which will also talk about tragedy of war and racist prejudice. All trips will provide an opportunity to learn about methodology and basis of work as travel guide or pilot in tourist industry. We are planning a variety of training places for different groups. All tasks related to the development of business plan will be implemented in cooperation with an experienced travel agency (probably CUT), which will give a certificates when participants learn specific skills. In preparation each group must confirm cooperation with travel agency in own country. All the participants from Spain, Portugal, Romania and Italy need to prepare information about their countries. During our project participants will prepare routes and variety of offers. Our task is to put at list one of them as an offer to cooperating travel agency. We would like to encourage participants to do courses and get certificate in order to work as a guide in the future (cooperation with PTTK). We also introduce in our offer range of selected proposals and we would like to complete them in the future.
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