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Europa Mobilität in der Ausbildung mit Erasmus über Bildungsakademie Pflege MHH
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The educational academy Nursing (BAP) is an autonomous vocational training´s department in the framework of the training academy of the Medical University Hanover, traditionally called MHH. The nursing school trains 200 students, the school for OTA/ATA 150. The MHH has in addition another 257 apprenticeships in varied health care professions. . Since 2006 we have send over 100 students, in their second year of training, over what was formerly called the Leonardo da Vinci project abroad in Europe. Since June of 2014 we have successfully applied for the funding in the new Erasmus+ program and are in self governing the funding. The Erasmus appointee (Bledsoe/Stanze) of the nursing school could accordingly over the years acquire a multitude of very good contacts to hospital facilities in Ireland, Austria, France, United Kingdom and Malta, where regularly, that is to say, yearly our students went to their foreign internships or as the case may be their foreign practical. The number of students that the nursing school of the BAP could allocate to participate in the Program has continually increased. With the Erasmus+ project application 2014/2015 a goal has been set, to make it possible for at least 36 Trainees of the nursing school, to participate in the exchange program in a European land of their choice. This goal has been achieved in February this year. The last students will go in April. The internships or practical’s intended duration is 4 - 8 weeks but dependent upon the application and assignment plans, the framework of the practical training and availability of the receiving organization. The emphasis by the chosen exchange facilities lies in acute nursing care clinics, in order to further already developed practical skills during the exchange. Based on our experience over the past nine year and the establish network with health care Clinics throughout Europe, we want to expand to a pool project, which will enable us to offer the Erasmus+ Mobility experience in health care work exchange German wide to students as well as educational staff. We have taken this decision, because of frequent requests from other health care training facilities, with whom the MHH cooperates in other projects. Before the internship or practical begins the Students are counseled and advised regarding the training abroad by the Erasmus appointee of the BAP nursing school. The Erasmus appointee will be available as a contact person throughout the internship if needed. During the foreign assignment the personal Mentor stands close meshed to the side of the Trainee, the extent of which is previously agreed between the receiving organization and the Erasmus appointee of the BAP who organizes the placement. Common educational objectives, goals and outcomes are evaluated. They are establish between the sending and host organization, the documentation is according to ECEVT. In 2015 the BAP will for the third time provide nursing students from Innsbruck internships in the clinical setting through the Erasmus+ Mobility program. Furthermore, the BAP of the MHH would like to extend this offer to addition foreign facilities and encourage them to do so, there concrete plans with Austria and Ireland. The foreign nursing students that take part in the Erasmus+ program at the MHH will be accompanied by a personal Mentor who has successfully completed an additional qualification’s course regarding Mentoring. Additionally the Erasmus appointee makes regular visits on the stations to insure the learning progress and well-being from the guest trainees and to keep informed. The MHH is through its research methods and innovative therapy a worldwide leading University Clinic and has high standing in the area of medical research. We are certain that all health care profession will be able to profit as well through international exchange students. At the same time our European neighbors will recognize, that even though health care professionals in Germany have a mostly vocational training, they are none-the-less highly qualified. The students at the MHH learn skills, methods, social-communication and personal expertise and through their foreign exchange they will enhance and extend their knowledge of their profession which can be transferred effectively and goal-oriented to all aspects of their daily work practice in the varied fields of their occupation in health care and augment the theoretical instruction of the their school. This is to be supported by the exchange of the educational personnel. With the goal, through the exchange of educational concept, methods and experience, to further, modernize and internationalize the education. The BAP at the MHH strives for a professional, cultural and linguistically exchange on the local, regional, national and international level. This enables our students to recognize the possibilities and chances that a united Europe offers, as well as the flexibility for their future carrier opportunities.
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