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Europa kształci zawodowo III
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„Europa Kształci Zawodowo” is a VET mobility project, aimed at the learners of Zespół Szkół nr 3 im. Mikołaja Kopernika in Wieluń. It aim is to improve the competitiveness on the labor market and competences which will be acquired during preparation phase and motilities.The project provides for the mobility of 30 learners and the vocational training will be conducted in companies and hotels in Portugal and Italy. The following specialities will have their trainings as follows:Freight forwarder- 15 participants - 4 week training starting from 27.02- 24.03.2017r. Trade specialist - 15 participants - 4 week training starting from 27.02- 24.03.2017r.Participants will conduct their internships in: the city placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – Evora (Portugal), and Bologna (Italy). In order to ensure the best hosting placements both specialties will be divided between both countries – so that group traveling to Italy will consist of 7 freight forwarders and 8 trade specialists, group traveling to Portugal will consist of 13 freight forwarders and 7 trade specialists.The project responds to changes in the labour market both in Poland and Europe. Employers expect from the employees wide theoretical knowledge and vocational preparation. It is because of that aspect that the vocational component offered during education is very important. Project will show participants, their parents and families that mobility is not something to be scared of, and education both in school and informal is the key element required to get a job. The project provides for a cycle of preparation activities prior to the departure of the participants – a pedagogical, cultural and linguistics courses. All courses will be conducted by qualified and experienced trainers, which will ensure a high level and ensure the achievement of the goals (increase of linguistic and interpersonal competences). The project outcomes will be widely disseminated, the schools will involve the local media, public benefit organisations, parents, the local government or representatives of local companies, who will also support the learners prior to the departure (by i.e. help in the preparation of the vocational training programme).Due to participation in the project students will improve their’ vocational skills, get to know other cultures and improve tolerance. Mobilities will include apart from vocational placements also rich cultural programme – like trips to Venice, Florence, Lisbon, etc. All of it will add to the general improvement of mobility and development of vocational as well as personal skills for participants and teachers involved in it. At the end of the project participants will receive certificates confirming gained skills, like Europass Mobility, certificates from the partners, etc. Those documents will improve their competitiveness on the labour market. At the end of the project a dissemination conference will take place where we will present all the results and participants will receive their diplomas and certificates. The project will increase the potential of teachers working at our school. This will take please due to the large number of teachers involved in it and internal trainings for the project’s team conducted during the project. Transfer of know-how and involvement of new teachers will allow a better development of our school and applying for additional funds in various calls.This project provides also a possibility to develop even wider partner network (especially when it comes to hosting organisations). During the project particular actions will be taken (which have been described in detailed in the application form), which are aimed at establishing new contacts and building-up relationships with old partners.
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