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Euroopas õppides meistriks 2
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The basis for the „Masters through studies in Europe 2“ project application within Erasmus+ Programme has served the Action Plan of the Development Program of Narva Vocational Training Centre. The priority activities at NVTC are directed to the practical training of the learners and trainees, as well as to the professional development of the staff. We have set the task to be trainee-focused and we wish to study the best practices. The HR policy at NVTC supports learning both in Estonia and abroad. Our staff analyze their work at the end of a school-year and plan their retraining activities according to their needs. Every year the Principal of NVTC holds individual meetings with each worker, where they discuss the plans and needs for retraining and requalification. A training program is made up at NVTC every school-year. The participation of the staff in EU mobilities is vastly supported by the school administration. The long-term outcome of international cooperation in organizing mobilities for learners and staff was highly estimated by SA Archimedes which granted us „Golden Apple of Educational Cooperation“prize in 2010. The objective of the project is to implement a two-year project of high-quality mobilities which will enable the learners and staff of NVTC to be more competitive. Both in Estonia and abroad the Centre will be positioned as one offering the best learning conditions to students and supporting the professional growth of its staff. Besides, the international cooperation grows more active. The learners participating in the project are the best second- and third-year students in 2015/2015 and 2016/2017 academic years in the following vocations: multimedia, auto technician, mechatronic, finishing works in construction, cook, pastry-cook and welder: 31 trainees are placed for practice at an enterprise and 2 trainees – at a VET. Besides, 5 workers will go learning / job-shadowing. The preparation of the project has been carried out by a team who has worked very closely and intensively with the partner organizations. The project application has been prepared in cooperation with the partners and the mobilities have been planned in accordance with their best learning conditions. Thorough planning definitely serves a solid ground for successful project implementation. If funding granted, the project management team will be made up to implement the project in cooperation with the partners. The selection of the best candidates is carried out in accordance with the procedures set at NVTC. The staff members have already expressed their wish to go studying. All the activities are documented which also guarantees the project implementation in case changes occur in the project management team. The opportunity to undertake independently a training placement abroad for students who come to study at NVTC after both basic and secondary schools, enables them to grow more competitive both in Estonian and European job markets and gain more foreign language skills. The opportunity to have a practice placement abroad motivates the first- and second-year students to study harder. The knowledge and skills of the participating staff grows as well as their competence in advancing the work-based learning system at NVTC, which definitely have positive effect on the learners' motivation to study and reducing the drop-out rate. During mobilities the participants have a great opportunity to get acquainted with foreign culture which brings to higher tolerance and respect towards it. All the mobility participants are issued a Europass Mobility and all the learning outcomes and assessments in different learning environments are taken into account and properly registered at NVTC. The successful international projects and their implementation make vocational education more popular in the region, creates a solid ground to raise the quality of education and attract more basic school graduates to study at the Centre. According to the youth who enter the Centre to study and their parents as well, the opportunity to practice abroad is of utmost importance. The staff also highly estimates the opportunity to study at a partner school. International cooperation keeps growing more and more active at Narva Vocational Training Centre.
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