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Euroopa aktiivsed kodanikud - European active citizens
Start date: Jun 20, 2011,

The project "European active citizens" takes place in south Estonia in Taevaskoja from 2.-9.August. It comprises the groups of five members from Estonia, Czech Republic, Finland, Bulgaria, Norway and Turkey. The age of participants is between 18 and 26 years.Our aim is to make people understand how important it is to be an active member of the society. Nowadays politicians should not be anymore the only ones to make decisions but every citizen himself also should think and act to make the life better. We want the participatants to join with an organisation in their homecountry and become more responsible in everydaylife.To assure our aims we organise workshops and simulation games which make people think about social problems and their solving. There will be for instance a debate and forumtheatre.
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