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Media studies have become a major educational subject in modern society. A large number of local,national and transnational initiatives exist in a growing number of European countries. There arealready various structured networks (Euromedialiteracy, Mentor, etc.) but the actors involved lack amulti-disciplinary system for disseminating and utilising their findings.The purpose of EUROMEDUC is to respond to this lack by launching such a system, bringing expertsand practitioners together around a thematic programme. The aim is thus to improve the quality andrelevance of education projects by providing existing networks with the findings obtained anddeveloping more structured and intensive exchange practices. The intention, therefore, is to support theeffective, integrated development of media studies in Europe.The project is organised around three axes:• A cycle of three seminarsLed by groups of experts, the seminars will each focus on a strategic issue: media studies in the form ofproductions by young people (both in and outside school), media studies and young people’s use of theInternet, media studies as lifelong learning - innovative practices in the world outside school.• Organisation of a European conference on media studiesThe seminars and their findings will be built upon by a European media studies conference. Open to abroad public, its purpose will be to create contacts between education-system officials, representativesof specialist organisations and institutions at local, national and European level, the main networkleaders and professionals.• Communication and publicationsEach seminar will be supported by a publication which will be made available on a cooperative site tobe incorporated in existing networks’ sites. The conference will give rise to a publication which will beavailable in printed form or on line. These activities will be backed by a press campaign.
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