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EUROMEAT – Transparencia de Cualificaciones en el Sector de Industria Cárnica de la Unión Europea

EUROMEAT “ Transparencia de cualificationes en el sector de industria carnica de la Union Europea” tends to improve transparency of workers qualifications in the food industry particularly the meat industry which represents a large part of its activities. The partnership composed by 4 training institutions and 1 professional organization (from Spain, Germany, Italy and France) wants to realize a study about the social and professional situation of workers in Europe‘s meat industry, and the existing training possibilities and professional profiles, to propose a model (or different models) increasing transparency of qualifications. The questions of food security, evolution of production processes (fe. new technologies, risks prevention, labelling), and the demands of the security standards will be taking into account. These results will be presented and evaluated through national expert groups (social workers, training institutions and academic experts). Dissemination activities are planned like an international conference in Madrid, a publication in paper form of the products and a production of a CD-Rom. All the information will be available in English on the web sites of the involved institutions.
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