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EUROMA Cafeteria
Start date: Jan 10, 2015, End date: Oct 9, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Rural areas are full of Roma traditions, culture and rich nature which are not valued enough by Roma and non – Roma inhabitants who live there. Roma and non – Roma youth just leave from the villages, moving to big cities with hopes to have a better lifestyle there. They believe that they will be employed there easier and faster nevertheless, this will not happen easily with everyone. Meanwhile the villages become abandoned, lost their Roma culture and traditions, and Roma and non – Roma young people even don’t recognise what they lost. So one of the biggest tasks is nowadays for youth organisations to support rural youth, Roma and non – Roma young people have to fight for their cultural values of their villages, preserve and even renew the Roma traditions, protect the natural heritages and initiate small entrepreneurships to do that and through these, employ people in rural areas in the sake of better lifestyle and keep rural area as valued as possible. Youth workers, youth leaders from rural areas through youth organisations can give support them nevertheless, they have to have methods and tools how they can do that. This is the reason what we would like to run this training course. Share, explore, provide methods and tools for rural youth workers to recognise and make their cultural values and nature attractive for Roma and non – Roma young people and support them to renew it, start small entrepreneurship in youth sector and employ friends from rural areas. The overall aim of the training course is to train youth workers, youth leaders to support rural Roma youth on recognition of their cultural values as traditions and nature. To share youth work methods and tools for motivating and encouraging rural youth to use and renew their Roma traditions and nature for implementing new start ups, initiate small businesses in rural areas in order to fight against unemployment and abandoned villages. Participating in a best youth work practice during the training course on renewing and using Roma traditions and nature and run a small entrepreneur activity as EUROMA Cafeteria in a local IRD FESTIVAL. Inventing international youth projects on Roma cultural values through entrepreneurship and employability. We will host 33 youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, social workers, etc. who are directly working with Roma and non – Roma young people from geographically disadvantages areas e.g. villages, settlements, farms, islands, etc. and are willing to cooperate in international youth projects after the training course. ”EUROMA Cafeteria” - training course on initiate entrepreneurship for preserve and use the potential of Roma culture, traditions and nature in rural areas through youth work activities will be held in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania at 02-10.04.2015. The project will be based on the methodology of non – formal education with special focus on experiential learning and will be built on the experiences of the participants and the needs of the youth organizations. Theoretical parts: - European Youth Strategy “Investing and empowering young people” with special focus on fields of actions as culture and creativity, and entrepreneurship and employability; - Youth policy backgrounds as Study on youth access to Culture in the EU – what EU countries are doing to improve young people's access to culture and the obstacles to their access and involvement and Council Conclusion on creative and innovative potential of young people; - Europe 2020 growth and job strategy; Youth Opportunities Initiatives; Youth Guarantee and the “Your First EURES” job scheme; Youth Employment Package; European Alliance for Apprenticeship; Youth Employment Initiatives; Quality framework for traineeship; Joint European Commission – OECD policy briefing on youth entrepreneurship; - Project management of Erasmus + programme with special focus on KA1 Mobility projects of young people and youth workers e.g. EVS, youth exchange and youth workers’ mobility. Practical parts: - Youth work activities in order to preserve and protect Roma traditions, culture and nature in rural areas and initiate entrepreneurship to renew it; - New tools for developing the youth sector in related with Roma traditions, culture, environment protection through entrepreneurship; - Methods and activities on motivating and encouraging Roma and non – Roma young people to stay in the villages and fight against unemployment in rural areas; - Best practice for rural development through youth entrepreneurship by implementing EUROMA Cafeteria in a local IRD FESTIVAL; - Invent new youth projects on Roma traditions and nature through entrepreneurship and employability according to the proposals of Erasmus + programme. We will establish our common European platform for rural Roma cultural and natural development in order to give support each others and exchange our cultural and natural values and products with each others. Staying locals and feeling European citizen in the same time.

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