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EUROFRAT — European Fundraising Accreditation and Training

The project is interested in the job opportunities given, in the third sector, by the specific professional profile of fundraiser. It is a crucial profile in the civil society sector, currently estimated to be the seventh most important economic sector in the global economy; the partners aim at analysing, promoting his training for specific tasks inside the NGOs, and at increasing transparency, efficiency and quality because of the present lack of benchmark and tools able to identify effectively trained fundraisers. The project work programme defines several steps: 1) to develop best practice fundraising training courses across the European member states; 2) to establish the benchmarks leading towards a unified accreditation process that can be recognised by fundraising professionals, NGOs, national fundraising associations and providers of vocational and educational training; 3) to identify the needs and the requirements of civil society organizations in implementing best practice in fundraising; 4) to strengthen policies and practices in lifelong learning for fundraisers, who are at present trained only in UK and Germany; 5) to strengthen that traditional policy of civil society organizations which are the major employers of over 50s and minority groups; 6) to increase the public awareness on the role and the ethic responsibilities, on the key competences and the specific tasks of the professional fundraiser; 7) to enhance the public perception of the competences of fundraisers and charities. The training modules framework is supported by a European Fundraising Syllabus and by an assessment model.

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