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Eurodoctorate - a Framework for a Third Cycle Qualification in Chemistry
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

In order to be fully aligned with the European Higher Education Area overarching framework for qualifications, third cycle degree programmes need to be stuctured and transparent, while avoiding overregulation. The European Chemistry Thematic Network Association, a non-profit body including over 120 member institutions coming from thirty different European countries, has been successful in implementing a framework for both first and second cycle qualifications, and in designing descriptors for doctoral degrees in purely intra-disciplinary or largely interface topics. The expertise brought about within the abovementioned combined scheme strongly advocates for the creation and thorough implementation of a framework for a third cycle qualification in chemistry. Awarded by a genuinly trans-national European body, the label thus established is fostering quality assurance for joint doctoral degrees in chemistry, is promoting mobility at a global level, and is guaranteeing harmonisation and transparency towards the research community and the job market.The initiative proposes designing a framework for a third cycle qualification in chemistry; establishing a well-trained efficient pool of experts, able to deal with all issues emerging during labelling; and thus setting up an open-ended Quality Label Network of universities and chemical societies actively involved in the issue. Focused-on conferences and a constantly updated web site are serving as major tools for enhancing awareness-raising on the label; while training workshops and a highly interactive information point are offering the assistance necessary for submitting an adequate application or participating in the awarding procedures. The impact envisaged is actually encompassing all chemistry departments of the European Higher Education Area delivering doctoral degrees, as well as any non-European university interested in a European quality label.
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