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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Wańkowicz Private High School participates in KA1 project entitled "Mobility of Teachers" which aims at broadening teachers' competences in the field of non-conventional teaching, including non-formal and informal teaching. The mission of the school is interdisciplinary, holistic and intercultural education. 8 teachers are involved. They were chosen as leaders in specific areas of school activity which currently need improvement, basing on their experience and professional qualifications. The areas of training are diverse and correspond to the main problems of the school: - the necessity of increasing awareness and intercultural integration ( Applying non-formal education in schools and adult education organizations, Creativity in the classroom) , - broader use of ICT, implementation of peer learning method (Educational Technology Today, Effective Use of Technology in Teaching, ICT for Collaborative, Project-Based, Teaching and Learning ),- the improvement of bilingual teaching in the field of science, especially with respect to students of special education needs and with problems in learning (CLIL For Secondary Teachers (Science & Maths) ,- effective management of teachers (Teaching entrepreneurship and leadership at school​) - increasing linguistic competences Language Improvement for Teachers The added value of the project is gaining experience internationally and the opportunity to establish permanent cooperation with education centres which invited the school to participate in the trainings. The coordinator of the project is Ms Ekaterini Papas-Rotko, MA, rewarded with the Certificate of Good Practice for her previous project, which she implemented almost completely, whose school introduced Problem/Project Based Learning to its curriculum. The coordinator evaluates the participants by requesting them to formulate the plan of their professional development, cocreating the website of the project, organizing meetings and verifying the knowledge gained by the participants after their return from the trainings. One of the main effects of participating in the Erasmus+ program will be the conducting a pilotage project entirely based on informal or non-formal teaching. Modern ICT tools will be used to share the effects of the project, including the Twinspace program, which confers European character upon the project. The school is currently preparing IMIGRANT program as part of Erasmus KA2 program, in cooperation with seven different countries. It will be based on tools worked out basing on KA1 means if funding is granted. A cycle of trainings targeted at local groups, for instance high schools similar in profile to our school, is planned. It will improve the cooperation in the field of regional education. Actions taken by students support and help social care centres, seniors and non-profit organizations. Logistic and practical support of the project is provided by the organizers of the courses and by the governing authority, as well as by the participants. The expected outcome of the project for: 1) the participants is:-gaining certified competences in the field of methods of teaching innovative in Poland (e.g. non-formal and informal method) and observing good practice of applying project based learning in multicultural environment -increasing professional qualifications in the field of ICT -learning the strategies of raising students' creativity and motivating them -gaining knowledge in the field of integrating CLIL and ICT -gaining experience connected with managing teachers -developing linguistic skills in the field of effective teaching in international environment 2) the applicant organization is:the increase of teachers' competences which is correlated with applying modern teaching techniques and the increase in the quality of teaching. Establishing international contact and cooperation with other education centres, regarding the exchange of ideas or the mobility of students and/or teachers; the opportunity to apply for development projects as a consortium. Thanks to completing the project, the school has an opportunity to become one of the leaders of innovation in education and an example of good practice in Poland. The most important target group for us as a school are our students. Improving areas of weakness is supposed to support them on each stage of education, develop their individual potential and creative, analytical view of the world. It was the main idea of creating the entire complex of our schools, a part of which is Wańkowicz Private High School, named "Szkoła jak Dom". According to the basic ideas, it is supposed to be a place where, regardless of nationality, religion and culture everyone has equal chances of development.

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