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EUROBIOTECH -European Biotechnology

The project intends to pursue the objective of Lisbon declaration by developing Biotechnology sector at European level. Its aims are to develop a formation more pertinent to the modern needs of enterprises, to avoid academic constrains by favouring international courses which are capable to attract students from outside Europe. On the other hand we are expecting an increase on employability of young graduates and an implementation of life long training through distance learning .The collaboration with enterprises will favour also the development of research thus implementing the possible innovative aspects of this discipline. It is therefore our intention to cooperate in the three direction of “triangle Education Research and Innovation”. As regards the first we intend to develop new curricula at international level using the model already realised and implementing the existing courses. Tuning methodology will be applied. This will be reached with the help of enterprises which will be essential for preparing material for upgrading formation of workers. The didactic material will be prepared as ODL modules completing the series already prepared by our network. It is our intention to prepare complete course in informatics as well the evaluating tests so permitting to form disadvantaged students at distance. The informatics tests will be used also to evaluate the biology knowledge of secondary school students following the model suggested by chemistry network. Another output will be to enhance the collaboration with enterprises by favouring some research project in the food technology and health sector. The outputs will be new international curricula design, the expansion outside Europe of the already existing favouring Joint degrees between Universities in different countries. Production of new ODL modules Creation of informatics tests for students of secondary school giving a European diploma in Biology, Creation of test concerning the module already prepared and the new ones. Organisation with enterprises updating courses by using, when it is possible, distance learning system and evaluation. Develop at least two research projects in collaboration with enterprises. Promote an open discussion on the most relevant bioethics problems. Evaluation of the economic and social impact of the Biotechnology through the collaboration of enterprises. The innovative aspects will be i) the creation of an education system which will favour the employability at European level and the attractiveness for other third countries ii)to Implement the cooperation in formation between enterprises and academic world thus favouring the research development . Our work contributes to reaching the aim established in Lisbon and in the following meeting by the E.C.

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